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All abstracts by Thierry Allard in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Change of Climate, Geodynamic and Biogeographical Barriers Recorded in Supergene Minerals of the Tropical Critical Zone
Gautheron CE, Heller B, Ansart C, Sanchez C & Allard T

(2023) Cenozoic Weathering Periods Recorded in a Deep Lateritic Profile in Northern Brazil
Heller B, Allard T, Sanchez C, Taitson Bueno G, Roig J-Y & Gautheron CE

(2023) Heterogeneous Fenton-Like Reactions in Natural Soils and Sediments at Neutral pH with O2 as Oxidant
Bourbon E, Averseng F, Allard T, Le Pape P, Nélieu S, Guigon E, Baratelli F, Ayrault S, Carrier X & Morin G

(2021) Record of Cenozoic Weathering Episodes in Central Amazon Basin
Ansart C, Demri D, Allard T, Calmels D, Gautheron CE, Guinoiseau D, Agrinier P, Quantin C & Horbe A

(2021) Detailed Study of a Lateritic Cover in NE French Guiana: Dynamic Evolution Through Time Extracted from Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Geochronology
Heller B, Riffel SB, Gautheron CE, Allard T, Morin G, Roig J-Y & Coueffe R

(2021) Tropical Weathering History Recorded in the Silicon Isotopes of Lateritic Soils
Guinoiseau D, Fekiacova Z, Allard T, Druhan JL, Balan E & Bouchez J

(2017) Soil Evolution Through Climate Change: Insights from the EPR Dating of Western Ghâts (India) Laterites
Mathian M, Allard T, Fritsch E, Riotte J & Braun J-J

(2017) Dating Fe-Duricrusts of Central Amazonia (Brazil) by (U-Th)/He and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Methods
Allard T, Gautheron C, Balan E, Bressan Riffel S, Morin G, do Nascimento N, Pinna-Jamme R, Selo M, Soares FernandesSoares Fernandes B & Taitson Bueno G

(2016) Zinc Dynamic Across the Rio Negro Basin: Constraints from Zn Isotopes
Guinoiseau D, Gélabert A, Louvat P, Allard T, Turcq P & Benedetti MF

(2013) Environmental Mineralogy: Bridging the Gap from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Calas G, Morin G, Allard T, Galoisy L, Juillot F, Ona-Nguema G & Brown, Jr. GE

(2011) Uranium Speciation in Opals from the Nopal I Deposit (Mexico)
Othmane G, Allard T, Menguy N, Vercouter T, Morin G, Calas G & Fayek M

(2010) Tracing Past Transfers of Radionuclides with Radiation-Induced Defects in Clay Minerals
Allard T, Morichon E, Beaufort D & Calas G

(2009) Metals Pollution of the Ancient Harbor of Tyre (Lebanon)
Elmaleh A, Galy A, Allard T, Day JA, Marriner N & Morhange C

(2009) Uranium Trapping on Opals from the Nopal Natural Analogue: Evidence for Complexation on Internal Surface of Opal
Calas G, Galoisy L & Allard T

(2009) Podzolisation and Exportation of Organic Matter in Black Waters of the Rio Negro (Upper Amazon Basin, Brazil)
Bardy M, Derenne S, Allard T, Benedetti M & Fritsch E

(2009) Tracing Weathering/Erosion Processes Using Colloidal Iron from the Rio Negro Basin (Brazil)
Allard T, Fritsch E, Weber T, Bardy M & Benedetti M

(2006) 238U-234U-230Th-226Ra radioactive disequilibria in an Amazon lateritic profile (Manaus, Brazil)
Pelt E, Chabaux F, Lucas Y, Allard T, Fritsch E, Balan E, Selo M & Innocent C

(2002) XAS Monitoring of Arsenic (Bio-)Oxidation and Immobilisation in Soils and Acid Mine Drainage
Morin G, Juillot F, Allard T, Casiot C, Elbaz-Poulichet F & Calas G

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