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All abstracts by Claude J. Allègre in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Weathered Profiles in Tropical Volcanic Islands by Combined Geochemical and Geophysical Approaches
Rad S, Deparis J, Gadalia A, Chabaux F & Allègre CJ

(2013) Glaciers and Floodplains Controls on Weathering Fluxes Deciphered from Two Glacial-Interglacial Nd Isotopes Records on Both Sides of New Zealand
Meynadier L, Cogez A & Allègre C

(2013) A Statistical Approach to the Nd Isotopes Distribution in the Oceans
Cogez A, Allègre C, Meynadier L & Lewin E

(2012) Objective Mapping of the Geographical Distribution of εNd in Seawater and Outlook for Past and Present Nd Budget in the Oceans
Cogez A, Forget G, Allegre C, Meynadier L & Wunsch C

(2011) Nd Isotopes vs Magnetic Susceptibility as a Double Proxy for Paleoclimate and Paleoweathering: The Kerguelen Case
Allègre CJ, Meynadier L & Kent DV

(2011) Large Weakening in Monsoonal Rainfalls over Western India during the Younger Dryas
Cogez A, Meynadier L, Allègre C & Bassinot F

(2011) Large εNd Change in South Indian Seawater Driven by Australian Weathering at 15 Ma
Le Houedec S, Meynadier L & Allègre CJ

(2011) Multi-proxy (δ18O, χm, Nd and Pb Isotopes) Study for Paleoclimate and Paleoweathering in the Maldives Area
Meynadier L, Allègre CJ, Gourlan AT & Bassinot FM

(2011) Chemical Weathering and Erosion Rates in Lesser Antilles: An Overview in Guadeloupe, Martinique and Dominica
Rad S, Rivé K, Cerdan O, Vittecoq B & Allègre C

(2009) 80 My High Resolution Nd Isotopes Record in Western Pacific (ODP 807)
Le Houedec S, Meynadier L & Allègre CJ

(2009) Himalayas Uplift and Indonesian Island Arcs Activity Recorded in the Equatorial Indian Ocean Water: Pb and Nd Isotope Stratigraphy
Meynadier L, Allègre CJ, Gourlan AT, Göpel C, Louvat P & Limmois D

(2008) Core Formation of the Earth: A Coherent View from Short- Lived and Long-Lived Radioactivities
Gopel C, Manhes G & Allègre C

(2007) Chemical Erosion in the Himalayas-Tibet for the Past 4 Million Years Studied by Pb and Nd Isotopic Stratigraphy
Meynadier L, Gourlan AT, Louvat P & Allègre CJ

(2007) Open System Behaviour and Early Chronologies in the Solar System
Allegre CJ, Göpel C, Manhes G & Moreira M

(2006) Continental lithospheric mantle origin of 2.5 Ga old Monchegorsk layered intrusion from the Fennoscandian Shield
Tessalina S, Birck J-L, Allégre C-J, Sharkov EV & Belyatsky BA

(2005) Weathering Process on Tropical Volcanics Islands (Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion) by Using U-Series
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Louvat P, Bourdon B & Allegre CJ

(2005) Sources of Unique Rhenium Enrichment in the Kudriavy Volcano, Kurile Islands
Tessalina S, Yudovskaya M, Françoise C, Birck J, Vadim D, Chaplygin I & Allègre C

(2005) Rapid Response of Erosion to Recent Climatic Changes: New Insights from Uranium-Series
Dosseto A, Bourdon B, Gaillardet J, Allegre CJ & Filizola N

(2004) Variations in Mantle Composition along the Central Indian Ridge
Escrig S, Bezos A, Langmuir C, Humler E, Allègre C & Su Y

(2004) The Chemical Composition of the Earth
Allègre C

(2004) A Comparison of the Chemical Weathering Rates in the Caribbean Islands Rivers Derived from the U-Decay Series and from the Major Elements
Rad S, Gaillardet J, Manhes G, Bourdon B & Allegre C

(2004) Helium-Neon Systematics in OIB and the Nature of the Source of Mantle Plumes
Moreira M, Doucet S, Madureira P, Lecomte A & Allegre C

(2002) The Role of Basalt Chemical Weathering on the CO2 Cycle
Dupre B, Dessert C, François L, Godderis Y, Allegre CJ & Gaillardet J

(2002) Models for Chemical Weathering Based on U-Series Measured in Rivers
Bourdon B, Vigier N & Allègre C

(2001) The Control of Silicate Weathering Fluxes: Evidences from Small River and Large River Studies
Gaillardet J, Millot R, Dupré B & Allègre CJ

(2001) Boron Isotopes in Rivers: A Source or Fractionation Control?
Lemarchand D, Gaillardet J & Allègre CJ

(2001) Studies of Basaltic Weathering Law and Elements Fluxes to Ocean
Dupré B, Dessert C, FranÁois LM, Schott J, Gaillardet J & Allègre CJ

(2000) Geochemical Evolution of an Heterogeneous, Open and Convective Reservoir: A Theoretical Approach
Lewin É & Allègre CJ

(2000) Late Devonian Re-Os Age for Sulphides from Dergamish Massif Sulphide, South Ural, Russia
Gannoun A, Tessalina S, Orgeval J, Tatarko N, Birck J & Allègre C

(2000) A Cenozoic Record of the Osmium Isotope Composition of Sea Water Deduced from an Individual Hydrogenetic Fe-Mn Crust from the Central Pacific Ocean
Gannoun A, Burton KW, Birck J, Allègre CJ, Lee D, Halliday AN & Hein JR

(2000) The Transitional Model [2LÆ1L] Model for the Earth's Mantle and the Chemical Geodynamics Paradigm
Allègre C

(2000) Assessment of Zr/Hf Fractionation in Oceanic Basalts during Petrogenetic Processes
David K, Schiano P & Allègre CJ

(2000) The Partitioning of Rhenium and Osmium into Magmatic Olivine and the Consequences for the Chemistry of Oceanic Basalts
Burton KW, Gannoun A, Schiano P, Birck J & Allègre CJ

(2000) Silicate Weathering Rates Inferred from Sr Isotopes Systematics in the Mackenzie River Basin, Canada
Millot R, Gaillardet J, Dupré B & Allègre CJ

(2000) River Geochemistry and Chemical Weathering of Shields: From Subarctics to Tropics
Gaillardet J, Millot R, Dupre B & Allègre C

(2000) Osmium Isotopes and Continental Weathering
Huh Y, Birck JL & Allègre CJ

(2000) Noble Gases in the Loihi and Iceland Mantle Plume Sources and Constraints on Earth's Early History
Trieloff M, Kunz J, Clague DA, Harrison D & Allègre CJ

(2000) Timing of Chemical Weathering with U-Decay Series Measured in Rivers
Vigier N, Bourdon B, Turner S & Allegre CJ

(2000) He-Ne Systematics in MORB, Loihi, Iceland and Pitcairn: Constraints on He Loss in OIB
Moreira M, Gautheron C & Allègre C

(2000) Sources of Dissolved Osmium in Rivers
Levasseur S, Birck J & Allègre CJ

(2000) Potamochemistry and the Gross Erosion Processes of Continents
Allègre C, Dupré B & Gaillardet J

(2000) Chronology of Early Events in the Eucrite Parent Body According to Hf-W Systematics
Quitté G, Birck J & Allègre CJ

(2000) Systematics for the Bulk Chemical Composition of the Earth Planet
Allègre C, Manhès G & Lewin É

(2000) Models of Secular Evolution of the Boron Isotopic Ratio in the Oceans: Implications for Oceanic Paleo-pH Reconstruction
Lemarchand D, Gaillardet J, Lewin E & Allègre C

(2000) 231Pa-235U Systematics and the Time Scales of Melting Processes beneath the Tonga-Kermadec Arcs
Bourdon B, Turner S & Allègre C

(2000) Trace Elements Systematics in Basalts: A Global Approach
Joron J, Treuil M, Lewin É & Allègre C

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