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All abstracts by Eric Bylaska in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Reaction Roulette: Utilizing Elemental MS/MS for the Characterization of Gas Phase Ion-Molecule Interactions
Harouaka K, Allen C, Melby K, Bylaska E, Eiden G, Cox R, di Vacri ML, Hoppe E & Arnquist I

(2018) Towards an Accurate Characterization of Local Coordination Environments of Trace Impurities in Fe (Oxyhydr)oxides
Ilton E, McBriarty M & Bylaska E

(2015) Linking the Oxidation State of U Incorporated in Fe (Oxyhydr)oxides to Environmental Parameters
Ilton E, Kerisit S, Massey M & Bylaska E

(2013) Understanding Uranyl Adsorption at the Water-Mineral Interface: A Theoretical Approach
Yang P, Bylaska E & de Jong W

(2010) XAFS Spectroscopy and Molecular Dynamics: Aqueous Ions and Ion Pairs Under Non-Ideal Conditions
Fulton J, Kathmann S, Schenter G, Bylaska E, Bogatko S & Weare J

(2010) 1st Principle Dynamical Simulation of Hydrogen Bond Structure, Dynamics and Simple Reactions in the Hydration Shells of Highly Charged Metal Ions
Weare J, Bylaska E, Bogatko S, Cauet E & Fulton J

(2010) Predicting the Chemical and Physical Properties of Geothermal Fluids: Model Development and Molecular Level Theoretical Understanding
Weare J, Moller N, Duan Z, Cauet E & Bylaska E

(2005) Self-Consistent Self-Interaction Corrected DFT Studies of Annite
Bylaska E, Tsemekhman K, Ilton E & Rosso K

(2005) New Developments of Fast Computational Methods for First Principles Geochemical and Geophysical Simulations
Valiev M, Bylaska E, Tsemekhman K, Bogatko S & Weare J

(2005) First-Principles Simulation of Solvation Structure and Deprotonation Reactions in Very Nonideal Solutions
Bylaska E, Valiev M, Bogatko S & Weare J

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