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All abstracts by Georges Calas in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Weathering of Natural Pyrochlore during Hydrothermal and Supergene Alteration
Bollaert Q, Chassé M, Bastos Neto AC, Menguy N, Le Guillou C, Quantin C, Courtin A, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2021) X-Ray Absorption Evidence for a New Type of Niobium Mineralisation in Laterites
Bollaert Q, Chassé M, Quantin C, Courtin-Nomade A, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2020) First-Principles Modeling of X-Ray Absorption Spectra Enlightens the Processes of Scandium Sequestration by Iron Oxides
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Vantelon D & Calas G

(2019) Deciphering Molecular-Scale Mechanisms Governing Scandium Dynamics in the Critical Zone
Chassé M, Blanchard M, Cabaret D, Juhin A, Griffin WL, O'Reilly SY & Calas G

(2019) Color, Stability, Chemical Durability and the Environment of Transition Elements in Oxide Glasses
Galoisy L & Calas G

(2019) Causes of the Blue Color of Gem-Quality Be-Bearing Minerals from Madagascar and Brazil
Gilles-Guéry L, Galoisy L & Calas G

(2019) Breaking Boundaries
Calas G

(2019) The Grande Rose of Reims Cathedral: Origin of the Colour of Stained Glasses
Capobianco N, Hunault M, Balcon-Berry S, Galoisy L, Sandron D & Calas G

(2017) Scandium Speciation in a World-Class Lateritic Deposit
Chassé M, Griffin W, O'Reilly S & Calas G

(2017) Structural Role of Zirconium in Nuclear Glass and in Corresponding Alteration Gel
Galoisy L, Calas G, Jollivet P, Angeli F & Gin S

(2017) Molecular-Scale Vision of Geochemical Processes: A World Without Frontiers?
Calas G

(2016) Mineralogical and Geochemical Mechanisms Concentrating Scandium in Lateritic Deposits
Chassé M, Aral H, van Huet S, O'Reilly SY, Griffin WL, Gérard M & Calas G

(2016) Insights into Mantle Geochemistry of Sc from the Main Carrier Minerals
Chassé M, O'Reilly SY, Griffin WL & Calas G

(2014) Oxidation State of Iron in Glass Inclusions: A Microspectrophotometric Contribution
Chassé M, Galoisy L, Métrich N, Calas G & Lelong G

(2014) The Structure of Glasses and Melts: Order in the Chaos
Calas G, Cormier L & Galoisy L

(2014) The Expanding Role of Large User Facilities in the Earth Sciences and the New Research Opportunities They Create
Brown G, Calas G & Parise J

(2014) Uranium Migration and Stabilization during Weathering of Granitic Waste Rock Piles
Boekhout F, Gérard M, Calas G & Descostes M

(2013) Weathering Processes and Supergene Formation of Uranium Bearing Minerals at U-Mines in the Saint-Sylvestre Area (French Massif Central)
Boekhout F, Gérard M, Phrommavanh V, Descostes M & Calas G

(2013) Contrasted Iron-Speciation in Obsidians and Tektites: A Spectroscopic Study
Chassé M, Galoisy L, Lelong G & Calas G

(2013) Insights into the Uranium Speciation in the Mill Tailings of the Cominak Mine at Akouta, Niger
Déjeant A, Galoisy L, Calas G, Phrommavanh V & Descostes M

(2013) Beneficial Uses of Engineered Nanoparticles and the Behavior of Natural and Engineered Nanoparticles in the Environment
Brown G, Levard C, Cismasu C, Michel M, Ma R, Wang Y, Calas G, Morin G & Lowry G

(2013) Environmental Mineralogy: Bridging the Gap from Microscopic to Macroscopic
Calas G, Morin G, Allard T, Galoisy L, Juillot F, Ona-Nguema G & Brown, Jr. GE

(2013) An Original Microscopic Approach of UV-Visible-Near IR Spectroscopy
Galoisy L, Lelong G, Calas G & Guillaumet M

(2012) Uranium Mineralogy and Factors of Stability in the Mill Tailings of the COMINAK Mine at Akouta (Niger)
Dejeant A, Galoisy L, Calas G, Menguy N, Phrommavanh V & Descostes M

(2012) New Data on the Cenozoic Epithermal Uranium Concentrations at Nopal Deposit, Mexico
Angiboust S, Fayek M, Power IM, Camacho A, Calas G & Southam G

(2012) Supergene Evolution of Granitic Waste Rock Piles Around U-Mines in the Saint-Sylvestre Area (French Massif Central)
Galoisy L, Gerard M, Poquet T, Calas G, Descostes M & Phrommavanh V

(2011) Molecular Scale Origin of Nuclear Waste Glass Properties
Calas G, Cormier L, Delaye J-M, Galoisy L, Jollivet P & Peuget S

(2011) Evidence of Fe-Oxide Clusters in Obsidians
Galoisy L, Calas G & Menguy N

(2011) Uranium Speciation in Opals from the Nopal I Deposit (Mexico)
Othmane G, Allard T, Menguy N, Vercouter T, Morin G, Calas G & Fayek M

(2011) How Biogenic Nano-Iron Oxides can Control the Fate of Pollutants
Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F, Maillot F, Wang Y, Egal M, Bruneel O, Casiot C, Elbaz-Poulichet F, Calas G & Brown GE

(2011) Redox Reactions on Mineral Surfaces: Spectroscopic and Imaging Studies at the Molecular Level
Brown G, Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Juillot F, Fandeur D, Benzerara K, Calas G, Wang Y, Ha J, Kaya S, Kendelewicz T, Spormann A & Nilsson A

(2011) Local Structure of Poorly Ordered Nanosized Iron Oxides. Implications for Contaminants Scavenging
Maillot F, Morin G, Corinne C, Wang Y, Bonnin D, Chaneac C & Calas G

(2010) Tracing Past Transfers of Radionuclides with Radiation-Induced Defects in Clay Minerals
Allard T, Morichon E, Beaufort D & Calas G

(2010) Structural Role of Zr in Silicate Glasses and Melts
Calas G, Dargaud O, Galoisy L, Cormier L, Menguy N, Ferlat G & Newville M

(2010) Arsenic Sequestration and Oxidation at the Surface of Fe(II)-containing Iron (Hydr)oxide Nanoparticles
Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Menguy N, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2010) The Origin of Coloration in Garnets: An Optical Spectroscopic Study
Galoisy L, Feneyrol J, Juhin A, Kiratisin A, Giuliani G & Calas G

(2009) Uranium Trapping on Opals from the Nopal Natural Analogue: Evidence for Complexation on Internal Surface of Opal
Calas G, Galoisy L & Allard T

(2009) Arsenite Sequestration by Fe(II)-Containing Minerals after Microbial Dissimilatory Reduction of Arsenic-Sorbed Lepidocrocite
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Abdelmoula M, Ruby C, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown GE

(2009) Arsenic(III) Polymerization Upon Sorption on Iron(II, III)-(Hydr)oxides Surfaces – Implications for Arsenic Mobility Under Reducing Conditions
Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Menguy N, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2007) As(V)-bearing Lepidocrocite and Green Rust Reduction by Shewanella putrefaciens: Evidence for Fe(II) Carbonate Hydroxide Formation
Ona-Nguema G, Morin G, Wang Y, Juillot F, Guyot F, Calas G & Brown, Jr GE

(2007) In situ Arsenic Speciation in Earth Surface Environments: Importance of Iron Oxides
Morin G, Juillot F, Miot J, Wang Y, Casiot C, Cancès B, Proux O, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2007) Mechanisms of Arsenic Scavenging by Iron (Hydr)oxides in Anoxic Environments
Wang Y, Morin G, Ona-Nguema G, Menguy N, Guyot F, Hazemann J-L, Calas G & Brown Jr. GE

(2007) Speciation and Long-Term Sequestering of Zn in a Naturally Enriched Soil
Juillot F, Morin G, Benedetti M, Hazemann J-L, Proux O, Bellin S, Briois V, Brown Jr. G & Calas G

(2004) EXAFS Signatures of Structural Zn at Trace Level in di- and Trioctahedral Phyllosilicates
Juillot F, Morin G, Brown G & Calas G

(2004) Structure and Reactivity of Nano-Crystalline As-Fe Oxy-Hydroxides in Acid Mine Drainage
Morin G, Lebrun S, Juillot F, Casiot C, Belin S, Proux O & Calas G

(2004) Structural and Magnetic Role of Iron in Obsidians
Galoisy L, Calas G, Elmaleh A & Tisserand N

(2004) Atomic Scale Determination of the Insertion of Cr3+ in Spinel and Garnets: An EXAFS Study of Site Relaxation and Element Clustering
Thibault M, Galoisy L, Calas G, Hazemann J & Proux O

(2002) XAS Monitoring of Arsenic (Bio-)Oxidation and Immobilisation in Soils and Acid Mine Drainage
Morin G, Juillot F, Allard T, Casiot C, Elbaz-Poulichet F & Calas G

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