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All abstracts by Jordi Cama in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Rare-Earth-Elements Retention by Oxyhydroxysulfates in an Estuary Impacted by Acid Mine Drainage
Gutiérrez-León J, Carrero S, Pérez López R, Di Tommaso D, Toroz D, Soler JM & Cama J

(2023) Reactive Transport Modeling of the Release and Mobility of Hexavalent Chromium in a Contaminated Soil
Ceballos E, Cama J & Soler JM

(2023) Aluminum Impurities on Schwertmannite: Effects in Structure and Surface Properties
Carrero S, Gutiérrez-León J, Pérez-López R & Cama J

(2021) Mineral Weathering and Nutrient Cycling at the Early Stages of Soil Development
Aranda Reina C, Wild B, Cama J & Bourg I

(2021) Mg-Silicate Hydrate Formation via Simultaneous MgO Dissolution at pH 10 and 50℃ in an Open System
Nishiki Y, Sato T, Cama J, Shimbashi M, Otake T & Kikuchi R

(2021) Natural Attenuation of Heavy Metals via Secondary Hydrozincite Precipitation in an Abandoned Pb-Zn Mine
Giannetta MG, Benaiges R, Cama J, Queralt IM & Soler JM

(2021) Laboratory Measurements of the Hydraulic-Geochemical-Mechanical Properties of a Limestone during Injection of CO2-rich Water Under CO2 Supercritical Conditions
Vafaie A, Cama J & Soler JM

(2019) Reductive Dissolution of Magnetite from Iron Mine Tailings: Potential Impacts in Coastal Environments
Palau J, Benaiges R, Offeddu F, Urmeneta J, Soler J, Cama J & Dold B

(2019) Rock/cement Fracture in Geological CO2 Storage
Fernandez-Rojo L, Soler JM, Chaparro MC, Galí S, Queralt I & Cama J

(2019) Reductive Dissolution of Fe(III) Oxides by Shewanella Loihica Under Submarine Tailings Disposal Conditions
Benaiges-Fernandez R, Palau J, Offedu FG, Cama J, Urmeneta J, Soler J & Dold B

(2019) Microbial Reductive Dissolution of Iron Oxides and Subsequent Heavy Metal Release in Submarine Tailings Disposal
Giannetta M, Soler J & Cama J

(2019) Arsenic Release from Argentinean Volcanic Glass and Ashes
Cacciabue L, Ayora C & Cama J

(2019) Isotopic Analysis of Nitrite during Abiotic Reduction by Bio-Produced Fe(II). Potential Insight into the Fate of Nitrite in Marine Environments
Margalef Marti R, Offedu F, Benaiges Fernandez R, Palau J, Urmeneta J, Carrey R, Otero N, Soler A & Cama J

(2019) M-S-H Precipitation via Simultaneous Dissolution of Chalcedony
Shimbashi M, Yokoyama S, Watanabe Y, Cama J & Sato T

(2017) 2D Reactive Transport Modeling of Opalinus Clay-Opc-Bentonite Interaction
Yokoyama S, Minato D, Watanabe Y, Soler J & Cama J

(2016) Hydrodynamic and Geochemical Evolution of Artificially Fractured Marl Cores Under Supercritical CO2 Conditions
Dávila G, Luquot L, Soler JM & Cama J

(2016) The Role of Mineral Heterogeneity on the CO2 Storage Capacity and Injectivity Under CO2 Supercritical Conditions
Garcia-Rios M, Luquot L, Soler JM & Cama J

(2015) Effect of S Impurities on the Interaction between CO2-rich Solutions and Limestone and Marl Rocks at P = pCO2 = 10 Bar
Thaysen EM, Cama J & Soler JM

(2014) Gypsum Precipitation during Interaction between CO2-Rich Sulfate Solution and Carbonate Rocks (From Atmospheric to Supercritical CO2 Conditions)
Cama J, Garcia-Rios M, Luquot L & Soler JM

(2013) Biotite and Phlogopite Dissolution: Topographic Observation by VSI
Cappelli C, Cama J, Huertas FJ, Fischer C & Lüttge A

(2013) Interaction between CO2-Rich Brine and Marly Shale Under Supercritical CO2 Conditions
Dávila G, Luquot L, Soler JM & Cama J

(2011) VSI Study of Biotite Dissolution at Acidic pH and 25-50˚C
Cappelli C, Cama J & Huertas J

(2009) Dissolution of Fluorite (111) Cleavage Surface in Acid pH: VSI, AFM and Monte Carlo Simulations
Cama J, Zhang L, De Giudici G, Soler JM, Ardvison RS & Lüttge A

(2009) The Passivation of Calcite during the Treatment of Acid Mine Drainage. Laboratory Experiments
Offeddu FG, Cama J, Soler J & Ayora C

(2009) Calcite Cleavage Surface Reactivity in Sulphate-Rich Waters
Atanassova R, Cama J, Soler JM, Ayora C & Casanova I

(2009) Denitrification Driven by Pyrite Oxidation and Colonization of Pyrite Surface by Thiobacillus denitrificans
Torrento C, Urmeneta J, Edwards K, Cama J & Soler A

(2009) Arsenic Mobilization in Acid Mine Drainage from the Tinto Santa Rosa Mine, Iberian Pyrite Belt, Spain
Asta MP, Ayora C, Cama J, Román-Ross G, Gault AG, Charnock JM & Acero P

(2008) Kinetics of Pyrite Oxidation and Denitrification
Torrentó C & Cama J

(2007) Anaerobic Nitrate-Dependent Oxidation of Pyrite Mediated by <i>Thiobacillus denitrificans</I>
Torrento C, Southam G, Urmeneta J, Cama J & Soler A

(2006) Composition and dissolution kinetics of garnierite from Loma de Hierro (Venezuela)
Cama J, Soler JM, Melendez W & Ramirez A

(2006) Comparison between chalcopyrite and sphalerite dissolution kinetics under ARD conditions
Cama J, Acero P & Ayora C

(2005) The Dissolution of Apatite II
Cama J, Oliva J, Cortina JL, Ayora C & de Pablo J

(2002) Properties of Fly-Ash Synthetic Zeolite NaP1 for Soil Remediation
Cama J, Querol X, Ganor J & Carles A

(2002) Coherency of Surface Protonation Data – Implication from Modelling of Dissolution Experiments
Ganor J, Cama J & Metz V

(2002) Dependence of Smectite Dissolution Rate on Deviation from Equilibrium
Metz V, Cama J & Ganor J

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