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All abstracts by Kate M. Campbell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Field and Laboratory Measurements for Modeling Microbial and Abiotic Fe(II) Oxidation at Mine Sites
Campbell KM, Alpers CN, Runkel RL & Nordstrom DK

(2015) Uranium(VI) Binding by Dissolved Organic Matter: Influence of Water Chemistry and Dissolved Organic Matter Properties
Schaper JL, Aiken GR, Walton-Day K, Peiffer S & Campbell KM

(2014) Trace Element Accumulation in Schwertmannite-Rich Precipitate in a Pipeline Carying Acid Mine Drainage at Iron Mountain Mine, CA, USA
Campbell K, Alpers C, Blum A, Nordstrom K & Williams A

(2013) Mining, Microbes, and Models: Integrating Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation, Hydrolysis, Precipitation, and Biogeochemical Modeling, with Application to Acid Mine Drainage at Iron Mountain
Campbell K, Alpers C, Nordstrom K, Blum A & Hay M

(2012) Stability and Transformation of Monomeric U(IV) Species at the Rifle, Colorado IFRC Field Site
Alessi DS, Stylo M, Lezama-Pacheco JS, Stubbs JE, Dunham-Cheatham SM, Janot N, Bargar JR, Campbell KM, Long PE & Bernier-Latmani R

(2012) Kinetic Modeling of Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation, Fe(III) Hydrolysis, and As(III) Oxidation in Acid Waters
Campbell K, Hay M & Nordstrom K

(2011) Speciation and Dynamics of Biologically Reduced U(IV) in the Old Rifle, CO Aquifer
Bargar J, Stubbs J, Suvorova E, Williams K, Campbell K, Lezama-Pacheco J, Cerrato J, Stylo M, Alessi D, Webb S, Bernier-latmani R, Giammar D, Davis J, Fox P & Long P

(2011) Kinetic Modeling of Microbial Fe(II) Oxidation, Fe(III) Hydrolysis, and Mineral Precipitation in Acid Waters
Campbell K & Nordstrom DK

(2010) Reactivity of Nano-Biogenic Uraninite in the Subsurface: Dissolution Rates and Mechanisms
Bargar J, Campbell K, Veeramani H, Stubbs J, Lezama-Pacheco J, Suvorova E, Ulrich K-U, Blue L, Bernier-Latmani R, Giammar D, Yabusaki S & Long P

(2008) Predicting Arsenic Behavior in High-Iron Subsurface Environments
Root R, O'Day P, Hering J, Campbell K & Vlassopoulos D

(2008) Characterizing the Extent and Role of Natural Subsurface Bioreduction in a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Campbell KM, Qafoku N, Kukkadapu R, Williams K, Lesher E, Figuera L, Peacock A, Davis J, Icenhower J & Long P

(2005) Effect of Sorbed Arsenic Species on Bacterial Reduction of HFO
Campbell K, Malasarn D, Saltikov C, Newman D & Hering J

(2001) Post Depositional Changes to Silica Residue and Silica Sinter Formed from Thermal Fluids in the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Browne P, Rodgers KA & Campbell KA

(2000) A Survey of Trace Metals and Microbiota in Geothermal Fluids and Sinter from the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
Brown K, McKenzie E, Cady S & Campbell K

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