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All abstracts by Mathilde Cannat in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Chemical Mass Balance, Depositional Efficiency, and Rates of Formation of Seafloor Massive Sulfide Deposits
Jamieson J, Sanchez Mora D, Peterkin B, Barreyre T, Escartin J & Cannat M

(2019) Spatial Variations in Vent Chemistry at the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field, Mid Atlantic Ridge (37°N)
Chavagnac V, Leleu T, Fontaine F, Cannat M, Ceuleneer G & Castillo A

(2019) Near Seafloor Dynamics of Mid-Ocean Ridge Hydrothermal Flows and Formation of Diffuse Vents at the Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Field, Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Wheeler B, Fontaine FJ, Cannat M & Chavagnac V

(2019) A Forest of Carbonate-Brucite Chimneys at the Southwest Indian Ridge: The Ultramafic-Hosted Old City Hydrothermal Field
Cannat M, Agrinier P, Martinez I, Vitale Brovarone A, Lecoeuvre A, Corre M, Früh-Green G, Fontaine F, Chavagnac V, Brunelli D, Prampolini M, Bickert M, Hamelin C, Lie Onstad S & Rouméjon S

(2018) Eruptive Pathways and Melt-Mantle Interactions at a Magma-Starved Mid-Oceanic Ridge
Hamelin C, Lie Onstad S & Cannat M

(2015) The Effect of Melt/Lithosphere Interactions on MORB Chemistry Through the Example of the Easternmost Southwest Indian Ridge
Paquet M, Cannat M, Brunelli D, Hamelin C & Moreira M

(2014) Multiphase Serpentinization at the Southwest Indian Ridge (62°-65°E)
Roumejon S, Cannat M, Agrinier P, Godard M & Andreani M

(2013) Major and Trace Elements Composition of Basalts from Ultramafic and Volcanic Seafloor. Southwest Indian Ridge (61 to 67°E)
Paquet M, Hamelin C, Moreira M & Cannat M

(2012) Atypical Depleted Mantle Components at Mohns Ridge and along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge Near the Azores
Hamelin C, Bezos A, Dosso L, Escartin J, Cannat M, Mevel C & Pedersen R

(2011) A New Depleted Mantle End-Member Revealed by High Resolution Sampling along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge
Hamelin C, Bezos A, Dosso L, Escartin J, Cannat M & Mevel C

(2010) Distribution, Structure and Temporal Variability of Hydrothermal Outflow at a Slow-Spreading Hydrothermal Field from Seafloor Image Mosaics
Barreyre T, Escartin J, Cannat M & Garcia R

(2010) Serpentinization and Hydrothermal Venting at Slow-Spreading Ridges
Cannat M, Fontaine F & Escartin J

(2007) Formation of Oceanic Zircons
Hellebrand E, Möller A, Whitehouse M & Cannat M

(2004) A >26 Myrs Record of Melt Supply Variations and Axial Tectonics in a Magma-Poor Region of the Very Slow Spreading Southwest Indian Ridge
Cannat M, Sauter D, Mendel V, Ruellan E, Okino K, Humler E, Combier V & Baala M

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