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All abstracts by Nicola Allison in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Resilience of Coral Skeletons Under Ocean Acidification: How Biomolecules Influence the Structure and Dissolution of Aragonites Produced in Vitro
Chomhom B, Tan CD, Haehner G, Brasier A, Still J & Allison N

(2023) Can Coral Skeletal B/Ca be Used to Reconstruct Coral Calcification Media Dissolved Inorganic Chemistry?
Allison N

(2022) Controls on Sr Partitioning in Aragonite Under Simulated Biogenic Conditions
Castillo Alvarez MC, Penkman K, Kroger R, Finch AA, Clog MD, Hathorne E & Allison N

(2021) Experimental Investigation of Factors Controlling Aragonite Crystallization
Castillo Alvarez MC, Penkman K, Kroger R, Finch AA, Clog M & Allison N

(2019) The Role of Calcification Fluid pH in the Precipitation of Coral Aragonite Under Future Climate Change Scenarios
Allison N, Cole C, Hintz C, Hintz K, Rae J & Finch A

(2019) Aragonite Precipitation: Exploring the Influence of Biomolecules
Kellock C, Penkman K, Kroger R & Allison N

(2019) The Rare Earth Element Distribution of Porites Corals
Hathorne E, Yu Y, Allison N, Felis T & Frank M

(2015) The Impact of Seawater pH on the δ11B of Coral Aragonite
Allison N, Cole C, Finch A, Hintz C & Rae J

(2015) Marine Mycomineralization: The Role of Fungi in Coral Mineralization
Wei-Scullion Z, van de Locht R, Young P, Allison N, Sørensen HO, Tobler D, Blanc R & Kröger R

(2011) High Temporal Resolution δ18O and δ13C Heterogeneity in a Porites Lobata Coral Skeleton
Allison N & Finch A

(2010) Magnesium in Biogenic Aragonite
Finch A, Allison N, Foster L, Wilson L & Hathorne E

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