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All abstracts by L Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Geochemical and Isotopic Constraints on Genesis of Foliated Granites in HP Unit of the Tongbai-Dabie Orogenic Belt
Zhang L & Zhong Z

(2006) What is the Role of Free Energy in Reaction Mechanism?
Luttge A, Zhang L & Arvidson R

(2006) Geochemistry and zircon SHRIMP dating on the Late Paleozoic volcanic rocks in west Tianshan Mountains (Central Asia, Xinjiang)
Zhu Y, Guo X, Zhang L & Song B

(2006) Desorption sequence of organic matter from organo-clay complexes in source rocks
Lu X, Liu Q, Zhang L & Liu X

(2006) Association of granitic magmatism in the Songpan-Garze fold belt, eastern Tibet Plateau: Implication for lithospheric delamination
Zhang H, Harris N, Parrish R & Zhang L

(2006) Late Mesozoic Volcanism Across E, Mongolia and Da Hingan Mts, NE China: Timing Constraint on the Closure of Mongol-Okhotsk Sea
Zhou X, Ying J, Wang F, Zhang L, Wilde SA, Badamgarav J & Badarch G

(2005) Investigation of Baddeleyite (ZrO<->2<$>) Solubility in Aqueous Alkaline Solutions
Zhang L & Ayers J

(2005) Variation in Surface Energy Heterogeneity of Crude Oil-Smectite Complexes with Different Content of Organic Matter
Lu X, Liu Q, Liu X, Zhang L & Hou Q

(2005) Zircon Aqueous Solubility and Partitioning Systematics
Ayers J & Zhang L

(2005) Isotopic Constraints on the Timing and Source Characteristics of Late Mesozoic Mafic Volcanism in the Da Hinggan Mountians, NE China
Zhou X, Yin J, Wang F, Zhang L & Zhang Y

(2005) Barite Dissolution: Computer Simulations and Experimental Results
Fewless T, Zhang L & Luttge A

(2005) Geochemical Structure of Pb Isotopes in Tongbai-Dabie area, China
Zhang L, Zhang H & Zhong Z

(2004) Imprint of Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon on the Nano-Scaled Pore Structure of Source Rocks and Surface Properties of Organoclay Complexes
Lu X, Liu Q, Zhang L, Lu Z & Liu X

(2003) Variation in Surface Characteristics of Clay Minerals in Diagensis Processes and their Relationship to the Generation and Primary Migration of Hydrocarbon
Lu X, Li Y, Liu Q & Zhang L

(2003) Cretaceous Age of the Sihetun Vertebrate Assemblage (Western Liaoning, NE China): The Evidence of Ar-Ar Ages
Chen W, Zhang L, Zhang Y, Ji Q & He X

(2003) Relationship between Water/rock Ratio and Conversion Rate of the Smectite to Illite Reaction
Ji J, Zhang L & Rao B

(2003) Large-Scale Metallogenesis of the Jiaodong Gold Deposits: Evidences of Ar-Ar and Rb-Sr Isotopic Ages
Zhang L, Zhou X, Yang J & Ying J

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