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All abstracts by M Zhang in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) He-CO2-N2 Systematics of the Tengchong Geothermal Province, SW China: Degassing along a Plate Boundary
Hilton D, Guo Z, Barry P, Zhang M & Cheng Z

(2006) Provinciality of Lithospheric Mantle, E. Australia: Source of Enriched Components in the Cenozoic Basalts
Zhang M & O'Reilly S

(2006) Fractionation of chlorine isotopes between ice and groundwater: Identification of freezing processes
Zhang M, Frape S, Hobbs M, Jensen M, Blomqvist R & Ruskeeniemi T

(2006) Ancient lithosphere domains in ocean basins are key geochemical 'reservoirs'
O'Reilly S, Zhang M, Griffin W, Begg G & Hronsky J

(2006) Multiple events in oceanic upper mantle: Ru-Os-Ir alloys in Tibetan ophiolites
Shi R, Zhi X, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N, Bai W, Fang Q, Alard O & Zhang M

(2005) The Fluid Compositions of Lherzolite Xenoliths in Eastern China and Western American
Zhang M, Hu P, Wang X, Liu G & Ye X

(2005) The Roles of Inorganic Minerals on the Oil and Gas Generating Processes
Tuo J, Wang X & Zhang M

(2005) Geochemical and Isotopic Characteristics of Cretaceous Basalts in South China and Constraint on Pacific Plate Subduction
Chen W, Chen P, Xu X & Zhang M

(2005) Early J2 Basalts in SE China: The Incipience of Large-Scale Late Mesozoic Magmatism
Xie X, Xu X, Zou H, Jiang S, Zhang M & Qiu J

(2004) Petrogenesis of Early-Jurassic Syenite-Granite Complex in Nanling Range, South China
Chen P, Zhou X, Xu X, Fan C, Sun T, Chen W & Zhang M

(2004) Geochemistry and Origin of Mantle Sulfides in Spinel Peridotite Xenoliths from Penghu Islands, Taiwan
Wang K, O'Reilly S, Griffin W, Pearson N & Zhang M

(2004) The Climatic Variability in the Last 3000 Years from the Stalagmite Records in the Guizhou Qixing Cave, China
Peng Z, He J, Zhang Z, Liu G, Zhang M & Lin Y

(2004) A Macroscopic and Microscopic Investigation of the MgCO3-CdCO3 Solid Solution
Bromiley F, Boffa-Ballaran T, Zhang M & Langenhorst F

(2003) Gas-Chemical Compositions of Mantle-Derived Rocks and their Redox Characteristics
Wang X, Li Z, Zhang M, Ye X & Yan H

(2003) Origin of H2 in Mantle Xenoliths: Implication to Mantle Fluid
Zhang M, Wang X, Ye X & Li L

(2000) Basalts as Probes of Global Convection and Regional Geochemical Domains in the Mantle beneath Australia
O'Reilly SY & Zhang M

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