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All abstracts by Guillaume Caro in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Biogeochemical Disruptions Across the Cretaceous-Paleogene Boundary: Insights from Sulfur Isotopes
Jouini A, Paris G, Caro G, Bartolini Mariotti A & Gardin S

(2021) A Fresh Look at the Sm-Nd Record of Earth’s Oldest Rocks: The Acasta Gneiss Complex (Northwest Canada)
Maltese A, Caro G, Scherer EE, Sprung P, Bleeker W & Mezger K

(2021) Isotopic Evidence for Episodic Mantle Melting in the Hadean
Maltese A, Caro G, Pandey OP, Upadhyay D & Mezger K

(2021) Calcium Isotope Fractionation during (A)biogenic Calcium Carbonate Precipitation
Paris G, Caro G, Barkan Y, Dellinger M, West J & Halevy I

(2019) 3.8 Ga Old Rocks of the Innuksuac Complex Reveal the 176Hf-142,143Nd Signature of Earth's Primordial Crust
Caro G, Morino P & Mojzsis S

(2017) Analysis of 186Os/188Os Ratios by NTIMS Using Amplifiers Equipped with 1013 ohm Resistors
Reisberg L, Zimmermann C & Caro G

(2017) A Budget of Radiogenic Calcium in Himalayan Catchments
Davenport J, Caro G & France-Lanord C

(2017) 176Hf-142,143Nd Evidence for a Long-Lived Hadean Lithosphere
Morino P, Caro G & Reisberg L

(2017) 142Nd Evidence for Recycling of Earth's Primordial Crust at the Hadean-Eoarchean Transition
Caro G, Morino P, Mojzsis S, Cates N & Bleeker W

(2016) What Mantle Source for Nulliak Ultramafic Rocks (3.78 Ga, Labrador)? A Combined Hf and Nd Isotopic Approach
Morino P, Caro G & Reisberg L

(2015) Coupled 146,147Sm-142,143Nd Systematics of Nulliak Ultramafics (3.76 Ga, Labrador) Push Back Time of Early Mantle Differentiation
Morino P, Caro G & Reisberg L

(2015) Hadean 146,147Sm-142,143Nd Signatures in the Ukalik Supracrustal Belt (Inukjuak Domain, Quebec)
Caro G, Morino P, Mojzsis S & Cates N

(2013) Multiple Generations of TTG Gneisses Host Eoarchean Supracrustals in the Innukjuak Domain (Québec, Canada)
Greer J, Cates N, Caro G & Mojzsis S

(2013) Component Geochronology of the ca. 3920 Ma Acasta Gneiss
Cates N, Mojzsis S, Caro G, Hopkins M, Trail D, Abramov O, Guitreau M, Blichert-Toft J & Bleeker W

(2013) 40K-40Ca Constraints on the Source of Dissolved Calcium in Himalayan Rivers
Caro G & France-Lanord C

(2011) Influence of Glass Composition on Si and Ca Isotope Measurements by SIMS
Tissandier L, Rollion-Bard C & Caro G

(2010) A 40K-40Ca Perspective on the Oceanic Calcium Cycle
Caro G, Papanastassiou D & Wasserburg G

(2008) The Age of the Hidden Reservoir
Bourdon B, Touboul M, Caro G & Kleine T

(2008) Non-Chondritic Sm/Nd Ratios in the Terrestrial Planets
Caro G, Bourdon B, Halliday A & Quitté G

(2006) The 142Nd record of Hadean zircons
Caro G, Bennett V, Bourdon B, Harrison M & Mojzsis S

(2005) Early Differentiation of Terrestrial Reservoirs and Extinct Radioactivities
Bourdon B & Caro G

(2004) 146Sm – 142Nd Constraints on the Evolution of the Hadean Mantle
Caro G, Bourdon B, Birck J & Moorbath S

(2003) 142Nd Isotope Constraints on the Evolution of the Hadean Earth
Caro G, Bourdon B, Birck J & Moorbath S

(2002) 142Nd/144Nd Precise Determination in Early Archean Rocks
Caro G, Bourdon B, Birck J-L & Moorbath S

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