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All abstracts by Alejandro Carrillo-Chávez in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Metals Content in Tailings, Sediments and Soils Next to Some Metallic Ore Deposits in East Central Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Cruz N, Salas E, Monoz C, Audifred A & Levresse G

(2012) Environmental Geochemistry of Some Ore Deposits in the Sierra Gorda Nature Preserve, East-Central Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Cruz N, Audifred AI, Salas E, Ayala E, Levresse G & Gerke T

(2009) Heavy Metals in Ice Cores from Mexican Mountains
Carrillo-Chavez A, Levresse G, Carreon D, Ponce G, Muñoz C, Perez O, Perez J & Ortiz L

(2008) Origin of Diagenetic Fluids in the SE Mexican Oil Fields
Tritlla J, Levresse G, Banks D, Pironon J, Bourdet J & Carrillo-Chávez A

(2004) Fluorite Source of the El Pilote Deposit, Coahuila, Mexico
Levresse G, González-Partida E, Tritlla J, Pironon J, Camprubí A, Carrillo-Chávez A & Villareal J

(2004) Chemical and Isotopic Signatures of Groundwater in the Guanajuato Mining District, Central Mexico: Natural vs. Anthropogenic Sources of Heavy Metals
Carrillo-Chavez A, Morton O, Morales P, Cienfuegos E, Gonzalez-Partida E, Rivas H & Camprubi A

(2003) Heavy Metal Distribution in Rock, Sediments and Groundwater from Mineral de Pozos Mining Area, Central-North Mexico: First Geochemical Base Line Maps in Mexico
Carrillo-Chavez A, Gonzalez-Partida E, Morton-Bermea O, Lavresse G, Soto P & Tritlla J

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