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All abstracts by William Casey in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Solution-State NMR Spectroscopy up to 20 Kilobars
Pautler BG, Colla CA, Johnson RL, Klavins P, Harley SJ, Ohlin CA & Casey WH

(2014) Calcium-Isotope Fractionation between Solution and Solids with Six, Seven, or Eight Oxygens Bound to Ca(II)
Colla C, Wimpenny J, Yin Q-Z, Rustad J & Casey W

(2014) Kinetic Studies Np(VI) Ligand Exchange Using NMR
Panasci A, Harley S, Zavarin M & Casey W

(2014) The Behaviour of Mg Isotopes during the Formation of Clay Minerals
Wimpenny J, Colla C, Yin Q-Z, Rustad J & Casey W

(2010) 99Tc- and 11B-MAS-NMR Spectra of Oxide Material to Sequester TcO4-
Casey W, Phillips B, Yu P, Wang S, Albrecht-Schmitt T, Alekseev E, Diwa J & Depmeir W

(2010) How Do Oxides React? A Look at Isotope-Exchange Dynamics in Nanometer-Size Structures in Water
Casey W, Villa E & Ohlin A

(2009) The Role of Electronic Structure in Water Exchange Reactions
Wander MCF, Casey WH & Rustad JR

(2007) Site-Specific, Size-Dependent Reactivity of Al-Oxide Nanoparticle Surfaces
Rustad J, Wang J & Casey W

(2007) Minerals into Molecules
Casey W

(2006) Magnesium Isotopic Fractionation in Chlorophyll-a
Black JR, Yin Q-Z & Casey WH

(2006) Kinetics of 17O-exchange reactions in aqueous metal-oxo nanoclusters
Black JR, Nyman M & Casey WH

(2005) Computational Subcolloidal Mineralogy
Rustad J & Casey W

(2005) Molecular Modeling of Water Exchange on Aluminum Clusters: Identifying Reaction Mechanisms in Complex Systems
Stack A, Rustad J & Casey W

(2004) Synthesis of Small Aqueous Rhodium Clusters for Kinetic Studies
Houston J, Phillips B & Casey W

(2004) Experiments to Identify the Molecular Properties of Step-Pinning Adsorbates on KDP
Thomas T, Land T, Johnson M & Casey W

(2004) The Energetics of Selenite and Iodate Adsorption onto Goethite
Cheney M, Ferruzzi G, Sposito G & Casey W

(2002) The Continuous Growth of Aqueous Aluminum Nanoclusters
Furrer G, Casey WH, Phillips BL, Rentsch D & Wehrli B

(2001) Rates of Steady Exchange of Oxygens between Structural Sites in Aluminum Complexes and Bulk Solution
Casey WH & Phillips BL

(2001) Synthesis of a Highly Charged Aluminum Polyoxocation GeO4Al12(OH)24(OH2)128+ (GeAl12) to Test Models of Oxygen Exchange Kinetics in Aqueous Solution
Lee AP, Phillips BL & Casey WH

(2001) High-Pressure NMR Study of Solvent Exchange Mechanisms for Aqueous Aluminofluoride Complexes
Phillips BL & Casey WH

(2000) Molecular Models for Mineral Surfaces: Oxygen Exchange between Water and Aluminum Polyoxocations
Phillips BL & Casey WH

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