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All abstracts by William Cassata in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Coordinated Geochronology of an Apollo Regolith Fragment
Crow CA, Borg L, Cassata W & Pomeroy S

(2017) Taking the Pulse of Mars via 40Ar/39Ar Dating of a Plume-Fed Volcano
Cohen B, Mark D, Cassata W, Lee M, Tomkinson T & Smith C

(2016) Noble Gas Systematics of Martian Meteorite Northwest Africa 10416
Cassata W, Hilton C, Borg L & Agee C

(2014) Constraints on Lunar Surface Temperatures from Production and Diffusion of Cosmogenic 38Ar and Radiogenic 40Ar
Shuster D & Cassata W

(2011) Systematic Variations in Argon Diffusion in Feldspars
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2010) 37Ar Diffusion in Pyroxene: Implications for Thermochronometry and Mantle Degassing
Cassata W & Renne P

(2009) Argon Isotope Anomalies in Lavas
Renne P, Morgan L & Cassata W

(2009) 40Ar/39Ar Thermochronology Using Plagioclase
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2008) 37Ar and 39Ar Diffusion in Plagioclase
Cassata W, Renne P & Shuster D

(2008) Thermochronology of the Bushveld Complex: Rapid Cooling Confirmed
Renne P, Mundil R, Cassata W, Feinberg J & Merkle R

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