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All abstracts by Paterno R Castillo in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Constraints on the Origins of Pacific FOZO Domains from 142Nd Compositions
Peters B & Castillo PR

(2020) Crust Recycling Produces the Large-Scale Mantle Domains: Constraints from Pb Isotopic Evolutions of the Paleo-Asian and Tethyan Mantles
Liu X, Xu J, Castillo PR & Wang B

(2015) Bulk-Rock and Mineral Major Element Chemistries of the Pacific Crust Subducting into the Izu-Bonin Trench
Abe N, Kaneko R, Castillo PR, Straub S, Durkin K, Garcia E, Yan Q & Tamura Y

(2015) Geochemical Variation of the Pacific Crust Subducting beneath the Izu-Bonin Arc and its Implications for the Generation of Arc Magmas
Durkin K, Castillo P, Straub S, Abe N, Garcia E, Yan Q, Kaneko R & Tamura Y

(2015) An Alternative New Approach to the Old Pb Paradoxes
Castillo P

(2014) Petrogenesis of Eocene Volcanic Rocks from North-Central Iran: Implications for the Tethyan Subduction System
Yazdani S, Castillo PR & Hassanzadeh J

(2014) The Dupal Peak Isotopic Characteristics of Paleo-Asian Mantle Domains
Liu X, Guo L, Castillo P, Xiao W, Xu J, Shi Y & Xiong B

(2014) A Unified Mantle Plume Hypothesis for the East African Rift System
Castillo P, Hilton D & Halldorsson S

(2014) Recycling of Marine Carbonate as a Possible Solution to the Pb Paradox
Castillo P

(2013) Lithium and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Basaltic Glasses from Ridge Axes and Off-Axis Seamounts in the Northern EPR (10-15┬║N)
Tian L, Shirey S, Wang Z & Castillo P

(2013) A New Hypothesis for the Origin of HIMU and FOZO Mantle End-Members
Castillo P

(2010) The Dupal Isotope Anomaly in the Paleo-Asian Sub-Oceanic Mantle: Nd-Sr-Pb Isotope Evidence from Ophiolites in Northern China
Liu X, Castillo P, Xu J & Hou Q

(2009) Subduction Zone Magmatism Without a Slab-Derived Flux: High-Nb Basalts from Sabah (Borneo)
Macpherson C, Chiang KK, Hall R, Nowell G, Castillo P & Thirlwall M

(2009) Geochemistry and Rock Association in the Karamaili Paleo-Asian Ophiolite in East Junggar, NW China Suggest Ridge-Trench Interaction
Liu X, Castillo P, Xu J & Hou Q

(2008) Controls on the Volatile Systematics of the Lau Basin
Hahm D, Hilton D, Castillo P, Hawkins J, Hanan B, Pietruszka A & Hauri E

(2008) Hf and Pb Isotope Constraints on the Source Origin of Northern Lau Basin Back-Arc Basin Basalts
Hanan B, Rooney T, Pietruszka A, Tian L, Hahm D, Castillo P, Hilton D & Hawkins J

(2008) Extent of Indian MORB Mantle Domain during the Cretaceous: Geochemistry of Basement Rocks in Luzon, Philippines
Tejada ML, Belza C, Arcilla C, Balangue-Tarriela MIR, Rodolfo R & Castillo P

(2006) The Cause and Source of Post-subduction Arc Magmatism in Baja California, Mexico
Castillo P

(2003) The Subduction Component beneath Southern Luzon (Philippines) Inferred from the Geochemistry of Mayon and Taal Arc Lavas
Castillo P

(2003) A Near-Primitive Mantle Source for the Ontong Java Plateau (OJP)? Insights from Nd-Sr-Pb-Hf Isotope Study of ODP Leg 192 Lavas
Tejada M, Mahoney J, Castillo P, Ingle S, Sheth H & Weis D

(2002) In Search of a Common Ground: Geochemical Study of Ancient Oceanic Crust in Eastern Luzon, Philippines
Tejada ML & Castillo P

(2002) Is Slab-Derived Melt Present beneath the Southern Philippine Arcs?
Castillo PR

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