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All abstracts by Jeffrey G. Catalano in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Rates and Products of Fe(II) Oxidation in Trioctahedral Smectites
Kupper R & Catalano J

(2018) Reduction of Layered Manganese Oxide Nanoparticles by Small Organic Acids and the Impact on Trace Metal Fate
Catalano JG, Flynn ED & Hinkle MAG

(2018) Zinc Release, Reimmobilization, and Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Ferrihydrite Transformation
Yan J, Catalano J, Wang K & Chen H

(2018) Oxidative Transformations of Ferrous Iron Smectites on Mars
Chemtob S, Rivera-Banuchi V, Kamali S, Catalano J, Morris R, Agresti D, Liu W & Yee N

(2016) Effect of Dissolved Mn(II) and Organic Acids on Mn Oxide Structure and Metal Binding
Catalano JG, Hinkle MAG & Flynn ED

(2016) Clay Formation and Metal Repartitioning during Isochemical Hydrothermal Basalt Alteration
Nickerson R, Chemtob S & Catalano J

(2016) Effect of Surface Functional Group Coordination on As(V) Adsorption on Aluminum Hydroxide Surfaces
Xu T & Catalano J

(2015) Rethinking Secular ╬┤34S Records: Depositional, Petrographic, and Diagenetic Controls on ╬┤34S
Fike D, Rose C, O'Brien T, Webb S, Newville M & Catalano J

(2015) Nucleation Behavior of U(VI) Phosphate in the Presence of Mineral Surfaces
Troyer L, Wang Z, Giammar D & Catalano J

(2015) Contrasting Effects on Trace Element Fate of Iron and Manganese Oxide Transformations Induced by Electron Transfer Reactions
Catalano JG & Hinkle MAG

(2015) The Influence of Oxalate on Ni Cycling Through Iron Oxides
Flynn ED & Catalano JG

(2015) Mapping the Micron-Scale Spatial Distribution and Speciation of Sulfur in Ordovician Carbonates
Rose C, Fike D, Webb S, Newville M & Catalano J

(2015) Impact of Surface Functional Group Coordination State on the Response of Interfacial Water Structure to Arsenate Adsorption
Catalano JG & Xu T

(2014) Trace Element Partitioning between Iron Oxides and Aqueous Solutions: Evidence for Recrystallization
Catalano JG, Becker KG, Flynn ED, Frierdich AJ, Gadol HJ & Hinkle MAG

(2014) Si Isotope Fractionation during Iron-Silica Aqueous Interaction in the Precambrian Ocean
Chemtob S, Catalano J, Savage P & Moynier F

(2014) Effect of Hematite Morphology on Arsenic(V) Adsorption
Blake K & Catalano J

(2014) Connecting Zinc Partitioning and Isotope Fractionation during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Recrystallization of Fe(III) Oxide Minerals
Becker K, Catalano J & Moynier F

(2013) Trace Element and Contaminant Fate during Fe(II)-Catalyzed Iron Oxide Surface Transformations
Catalano JG, Becker KG, Frierdich AJ, Hinkle MAG, Luo Y & Otemuyiwa B

(2013) Effects of Aqueous Phosphate on U(VI) Sorption
Maillot F, Mehta V, Catalano J, Giammar D & Wang Z

(2013) Effect of Phosphate and Sulfate on Fe(II)-Catalyzed Trace Metal Incorporation into and Release from Fe(III) Oxides
Hinkle MAG & Catalano JG

(2012) Interaction of Fe(II) with Phosphate and Sulfate on Iron Oxide Surfaces: Implications for Interfacial Electron Transfer
Hinkle MAG & Catalano JG

(2012) U(VI) Sorption on Montmorillonite in the Presence of Phosphate
Maillot F, Catalano J & Giammar D

(2011) Surface Transformations and Element Cycling Resulting from Interfacial Fe(II)-Fe(III) Self Exchange
Catalano J, Frierdich A, Luo Y, Fenter P, Park C & Rosso K

(2011) Fe(II)-Induced Trace Element Release from Crystalline Iron Oxides
Frierdich A & Catalano J

(2010) Fe(II)-Induced Structural Transformations of Hematite Surfaces and their Impact on Contaminants
Catalano J, Fenter P, Park C, Rosso K, Frierdich A & Otemuyiwa B

(2010) Uranyl Adsorption onto Montmorillonite: Complexity and Ongoing Challenges
Catalano J & Brown Jr. G

(2010) Aqueous-Mineral Interfaces Toward Extreme Conditions: The Potential Experimental Approaches with Synchrotron X-Ray Probe
Park C, Fenter P, Catalano J, Lee SS, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2010) Martian Analogs: Synthesis, Characterization, and Oxidation of Ferrous Iron Phyllosilicates
Beehr A & Catalano J

(2009) Interfacial Water Ordering and Complex Oxoanion Adsorption on Hematite and Corundum Surfaces
Catalano J, Fenter P, Park C & Zhang Z

(2006) Direct observations of ion adsorption and interfacial hydration with resonant anomalous X-ray reflectivity
Fenter P, Park C, Catalano J, Zhang Z, Nagy K & Sturchio N

(2005) Structure of Zn2+ at Rutile TiO<->2<$> (110)-Aqueous Solution Interface
Zhang Z, Fenter P, Kelly S, Catalano J, Kubicki J, Bandura A, Wesolowski D, Machesky M, Sturchio N & Bedzyk M

(2005) Calcium Oxalate Surface Interactions with Lead
Singer D, Catalano J & Brown G

(2005) Molecular Speciation, Mineral Residence, and Geochemical Behavior of U in Contaminated Subsurface Sediments
Zachara J, McKinley J, Liu C, Wang Z, Catalano J & Brown G

(2005) Structure and Reactivity of Hydroxylated Hematite Surfaces: Application of Surface X-Ray Diffraction and Spectroscopy
Trainor T, Eng P, Chaka A, Lo C, Tanwar K, Ghose S, Brown G, Catalano J, Waychunas G & Templeton A

(2005) Probing Uranium Speciation in Contaminated Hanford Sediments
Catalano J, Wang Z, McKinley J, Zachara J, Heald S & Brown G

(2000) Extreme Geochemistry: Strontium Interactions in Hyper-Alkaline Aluminum and Feldspar Systems
Warner J, Catalano J, Grolimund D, Traina S & Brown Jr. G

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