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All abstracts by Jean Cauzid in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) LIBS Imaging for Geological Samples: Short Review of Applications
Motto-Ros V, Fabre C, Trichard F, Pelascini F, Panczer G, Gaft M, Cugerone A, Genty D, Cauzid J, Tarantola A & Munoz M

(2009) Zr Speciation and Partitioning in SiO2-rich Aqueous Fluids and Silicate Melts
Louvel M, Sanchez Valle C, Petitgirard S, Cardon H, Daniel I & Cauzid J

(2008) In Search of the Archaean Atmosphere in Fluid Inclusions Trapped in 3.52 Ga Quartz (Pilbara Drilling Project)
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2007) In situ Determination of Arsenic Speciation in Natural Fluid Inclusion from Au-Rich Quartz Veins
Cauzid J, Brugger J, Hazemann J-L, James-Smith J, Liu W, Philippot P, Proux O & Testemale D

(2007) Noble Gases Composition of Palaeo Archaean Atmosphere and Mantle
Pujol M, Marty B, Cauzid J & Philippot P

(2007) Speciation of Cu and Zn in Natural Hydrothermal Boiling Systems: Evidence from Fluid Inclusion Studies by X-Ray Absorption Techniques
Rickers K, Cauzid J, Hazemann J-L, Proux O & Lüders V

(2006) Quantitative fluid inclusion analysis using synchrotron X-ray microfluorescence
Cauzid J, Philippot P, Foriel J & Thebaud N

(2006) Contrasting Cu-complexing behaviour in vapour and liquid fluid inclusions from the Yankee Lode deposit, Mole Granite, Australia
Philippot P & Cauzid J

(2003) High Resolution Synchrotron-Based Imaging of Sulphur Oxidation States in Individual Microfossils and Contemporary Microbial Filaments
Philippot P, Foriel J, Cauzid J, Susini J, Dumas P & Khodja H

(2003) Cl, Br and I Content of HP Saline Aqueous Brines from Dabie Shan and the Alps
Molinari D, Philippot P, Cauzid J, Foriel J, Ménez B & Somogyi A

(2003) Composition of a 3.5 Gyr Shallow Seawater from the North Pole Dome, Western Australia
Foriel J, Philippot P, Banks D, Rey P, Cauzid J & Somogyi A

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