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All abstracts by Clara S Chan in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Oxidation of Fe(II)-bearing Smectite by Sideroxydans Lithotrophicus in Low Oxygen Conditions
Zhou N, Kupper RJ, Catalano JG, Thompson A & Chan CS

(2022) Microbial Iron Oxidation in Metal-Rich Wetlands: An Integrated Kinetics and Omics Study
Chan CS, Tothero G, Awoyemi O, Hoover RL, Kaplan D, O'Loughlin E & Weisenhorn P

(2021) The art of Biomineralization
Chan CS, McAllister SM, Keffer JL, Zhou N, Hoover RL, Kato S, Koeksoy E & Emerson D

(2021) Unravelling Sideroxydans Lithotrophicus ES-1 Fe(II)-oxidizing Pathway Using Transcriptomics and RT-Qpcr
Zhou N, Keffer J, Polson S & Chan CS

(2021) Fate of Trace Metals in Ferrous Smectites Following Iron Oxidation
Kupper RJ, Zhou N, Chan CS & Catalano JG

(2015) Using Modern Fe-Oxidizing Microbes to Unravel the Evolutionary and Geologic History of Fe Oxidation
Chan C, Kato S, McAllister S, Field E, Gartman A & Luther G

(2015) Cba. tepidum-S(0) Interactions: Some Attachment Required
Marnocha C, Hanson T, Powell D, Sabanayagam C & Chan C

(2015) Microaerophilic Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria and Oxygenic Phototrophs in the Chesapeake Bay: Implications for Microbial Roles in the Production of Ancient Iron Formations
Field E, Kato S, Findlay A, MacDonald D, Luther G & Chan C

(2014) Microbial Chemolithoautotrophic Oxidation of Pyrite at Neutral pH
Percak-Dennett E, Roden E, Xu H, Konishi H, Chan C, Bhattacharyya A & Borch T

(2012) Challenges of Cell-Mineral Contact during Mineral Formation and Dissolution by Fe and S-Oxidizing Bacteria
Chan C, Hanson T, Cabaniss K, Hiras J & Brodzinski J

(2012) Metagenome-Enabled Investigation of Microbial Sulfur Precipitation in a Carbonate Aquifer
Macalady J, Jones D, Schaperdoth I, Chan C & Cabaniss K

(2012) The Coupling of Voltammetric Microelectrodes with Optical Microscopy: A Novel Combination as Applied to the Study of Neutrophilic Iron Oxidizers
Hredzak-Showalter P, Krepski S, Chan C, Emerson D & Luther G

(2012) Biogenicity of Iron Microfossils Based on the Morphology, Physiology, and Behavior of Modern Iron-Depositing Microbes
Krepski ST, Hredzak-Showalter PL, Emerson D, Luther Iii GW & Chan CS

(2010) Deciphering Microbial Roles in Mineral Formation: An Interdisciplinary, Microscopy-Based Approach
Chan C

(2010) Emerging Patterns in Deep-Sea Microbial Iron Mats
Emerson D, McAllister S, Chan C, Fleming E & Moyer C

(2009) The Biochemistry of Unusual Cytochromes Isolated from Acidophilic Fe(II)-Oxidizing Biofilms
Singer S, Erickson B, VerBerkmoes N, Hwang M, Chan C, Jeans C, Banfield J, Hettich R & Thelen M

(2009) Visualizing Cell Surfaces and Biominerals in 3D: Cryo-Electron Microscopy and Tomography of Iron-Oxidizing Bacteria
Chan CS & Comolli LR

(2007) Formation of Biomineralized Stalks by a Marine Iron-Oxidizing Bacterium
Chan C, Emerson D, Fakra S & Edwards K

(2001) Biogenic Precipitation of Monomineralic Nanocrystalline Sulfides: Implications of Observed and Modeled Processes to Metal Contaminant Remediation and Ore Deposition
Druschel GK, Chan CS, Moreau J, Thomsen-Ebert T, Labrenz M, Fowle D, Welch SA & Banfield JF

(2001) Biologically Induced Formation of Novel Nanocrystalline Iron Oxyhydroxides
Welch SA, Nesterova M, Chan CS, Skatvold AM & Banfield JF

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