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All abstracts by Jeffrey P. Chanton in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Temperature-Controlled Incubations of Swedish Bog Peat: Findings and Modelling Applications
Cory AB, Chanton JP, Wilson RM, Li Z, Crill PM, Riley WJ & Rich VI

(2014) Remineralization Processes Across the Sulfate-Methane Transistion Zone in Contrasting California Borderland Basin Sediments
Burdige D, Komada T, Magen C & Chanton J

(2014) Radiocarbon and Stable Isotope Signatures of Sedimentary Methane at a Coastal California Basin
Magen C, Chanton J, Burdige D & Komada T

(2014) Characterization of Whole Porewater Dissolved Organic Matter by 1H NMR
Fox C, Lewicki J, Abdulla H, Harley S, Burdige D, Magen C, Chanton J & Komada T

(2014) Radiocarbon Signatures of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Anoxic Sediments of the Santa Barbara Basin
Komada T, Li HL, Burdige D, Cada A, Grose A, Magen C & Chanton J

(2014) Speciation of Mercury and Sulfur in Northern Peatlands
Furman O, Toner BM, Nater EA, Sebestyen SD, Tfaily MM, Chanton JP & Kolka RK

(2013) Analytical Chemistry, Natural Organic Matter and Climate Change: Linking Chemical Signatures and Microbial Communities that Affect Carbon Cycling in Northern Peatlands
Cooper W, Tfaily M, Chanton J, Lin X, Chanton P, Steinweg J, Schadt C & Kostka J

(2010) SF6 Tracers and the Subsurface Attenuation of Nutrients
Chanton J, Harden H, Hicks R, Katz B & Wade E

(2010) Partitioning Peatland Gas Prodution: Determining the Fraction of CO2 Produced from Methanogenesis
Corbett JE, Chanton JP, Burdige D, Glaser PH, Cooper WT, Siegel DI, Dasgupta SS & Tfaily MM

(2010) Combustion-Derived Dissolved Organic Matter in Rivers and Estuaries of the Sugar-Cane Area of Southern Brazil
Paeng J, Dittmar T, Cooper B, Podgorski D, Chanton J, Salomao M, Rezende C & Bernardes M

(2010) Mechanisms Influencing Hydrate Dissolution Rates in Under-Saturated Systems: Lessons from Field Observations and Laboratory Results
Lapham L, Wilson R, Short T, Bell R & Chanton J

(2010) Molecular Characterization of Dissolved Organic Matter (DOM) in Northern Peatlands: Identifying the Chemical Signatures of Climate Change
Tfaily M, d’Andrilli J, Corbett JE, Chanton J & Cooper B

(2009) Ultrahigh Resolution Mass Spectrometry of Soil Porewater DOM
Cooper W, D'Andrilli J, Podgorski D, Chanton J & Zimmerman A

(2009) Spatial Structure and Activity of Shallow Subsurface Microbial Communities in a Gulf of Mexico Methane Seep
Lloyd K, Albert D, Chanton J & Teske A

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