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All abstracts by Chen Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Fate and Transport of Tetracycline and Ciprofloxacin and Impact on Nitrate Reduction Activity in Coastal Sediments
Laverman A, Chen C, Roose-Amsaleg C & Hanna K

(2023) Relationship between Chemical Weathering and Physical Erosion in the Critical Zone: The Case Study of La Réunion
Chen C, Gayer E, Derry LA & Gaillardet J

(2022) Geochemical Systematics of Continental Versus Island Arcs and Implications for Resource-Endowed Continent Forming
Chen C & Sun W

(2022) Carbonate Weathering Drives Magnesium Isotopes in Large Rivers: Insights from the Yangtze River
Xu Y, Jin Z, Gou L-F, Galy A, Jin C, Chen C, Li C & Deng L

(2020) Reconstructing Crustal Thickness Evolution from Eu Anomalies in Detrital Zircons
Tang M, Ji W, Chu X, Wu A & Chen C

(2020) Deviations in Point of Zero Charge with Nanoscale Pore Geometries of Synthesized Silica-Based Materials
Jacobson A, Dewey J, Muraleedharan M, Chen C, van Duin A, Copeland G, Kaszuba J, Xia Y, Sen S, Risbud S, Cho H, Deo M, Bartl M & Butt D

(2020) Lost Iron during Serpentinization and Implications for the Origin of Life
Chen C, Sun W & Ding X

(2019) Lithium Systematics in Arc Magmas: Implications for Li Mineralization
Chen C, Lee C-T, Tang M & Sun W

(2018) Lithium Recycling: From Mantle Melting to Surficial Mineralization
Chen C, Lee C-TA, Tang M & Sun W

(2011) Hydrothermal Circulation and Post-Obduction Hydration & Carbonation of Oceanic Lithosphere – 87Sr/86Sr and Oxygen Isotopic Study of Oman Ophiolite
Chen C, Andronicos C, Cathles L & White W

(2011) Organic Geochemistry Characteristics for Mudstones in the Permian Zhesi Formation, Eastern Inner Mongolia, China: A New Instance Showing Good Hydrocarbon Potential in the Marine Strata
Zeng X, Peng X, Liu N & Chen C

(2010) Crustal Growth of North China as Revealed by Detrital Zircons
Yang J, Gao S, Chen C, Tang Y, Yuan H, Gong H, Xie S & Wang J

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