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All abstracts by Ning Chen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Selenium Oxyanion Uptake on Iron Oxides and Pyroaurites: Probing Mechanisms Using 18O Tracing
Larese-Casanova P, Yue P, Schellenger A, Chen N, Peak D, Bompoti N, Chrysochoou M & Onnis-Hayden A

(2019) From Waste to Resource: The Use of Schwertmannite to Remove Oxoanions
Peiffer S, Klug M, Marouane B, Chen N, Obst M, Eberhardt J, Susan R & Diana B

(2019) Adsorption Mechanism of Selenite and Selenate on Schwertmannite
Marouane B, Chen N, Obst M & Peiffer S

(2019) Structural Controls on Cu2+ Sorption Behavior in Biogenic Birnessite
Liu Y, Li Y, Chen N, Ding H & Lu A

(2017) Sub-Nanoscale Characterization by XANES of Vanadium Speciation in Oil Sands Fluid Petroleum Coke
Chen N, Nesbitt J & Lindsay M

(2013) Synthesis of Symplesite (Fe<sub>3</sub>(AsO<sub>4</sub>)<sub>2</sub>8H2O)
Xu L, Jia Y, Jiang D, Chen N, Reid J & Demopoulos GP

(2012) Synchrotron XAS and Single-Crystal EPR Study of Arsenic Speciation in Struvite
Lin J, Chen N & Pan Y

(2008) EXAFS Characterization of Poorly Crystalline Ferric Arsenate Undergoing Transformation to Scorodite
Chen N, Le Berre J-F, Warner J, Cutler J, Jiang D, Rowson J & Demopoulos G

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