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All abstracts by Hai Cheng in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Global Climate Dynamics Across Heinrich Stadials in the Last Glacial Period
Cheng H, Dong X, Zhao J, Li H, Zhang H, Kathayat G & Cai Y

(2023) A Notable Incorporation of Isotopically Heavy U(IV) Species into Carbonates Under the Modern Marine Environment
Yuan Y, Chen T, Zhang F, Liu Y, Xiong G, Wei G, Dahl TW, Yan W, Ling H-F, Cheng H & Shen S

(2023) Diagenetic Effects on Uranium Isotope Fractionation in Carbonate Sediments from the South China Sea
Xiong G, Zhang F, Lin Y, Yuan Y, Wei G, Na L, Wang W, Zhou J, Cheng H, Yan W & Shen S

(2023) Speleothem Aragonite Trace Element Partitioning: Insights from Cave Monitoring
Wassenburg JA, Breitenbach SFM, Sha L, Ait Brahim Y, Cheng H & Scholz D

(2021) Changing Chemistry of Particulate Manganese in the Near- and Far-Field Hydrothermal Plumes from 15°S East Pacific Rise and its Influence on Metal Scavenging
Lee J-M, Lam PJ, Vivancos S, Pavia F, Anderson R, Lu Y, Cheng H, Zhang P, Edwards RL, Xiang Y & Webb S

(2020) Spotting “Black Swans” from Speleothems
Sinha A, Kathayat G, Li H & Cheng H

(2020) Deglaciation Hydroclimatic Variability in the Southwest Indian Ocean
Li H, Cheng H, Sinha A, Spötl C & Ning Y

(2020) Role of Climate in the De-Urbanization of the Indus Valley Civilization
Kathayat G, Cheng H, Sinha A & Li H

(2019) Resolving the Rapid Rate of Deglaciation over Termination II in Speleothem Records
Stoll H, Cacho I, Gasson E, Moreno A, Perez C, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Iglesias M

(2019) High-Resolution Stalagmite Record of the Penultimate Glacial Climate for the North-Atlantic Realm
Kost O, Gasson E, Stoll H, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2019) Proxy Evidence and Model Explanation for Rapid Hydroclimate Change in East Africa at the End of the Younger Dryas
Orland IJ, He F, Burns SJ, Batchelor CJ, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2019) The Hulu Cave 14C Record
Edwards RL, Cheng H, Southon J, Wang Y, Kong X, Matsumoto K & Feinberg J

(2019) Trace Elements Deposition Mechanism Analyzed in a 1000 Year Stalagmite in the South of Spain
Campa-Bousoño C, Vadillo I, Pisonero J, Moreno A, Iglesias M, Cheng H, Lawrence Edwards R & Stoll H

(2018) A Coral Ensemble Approach to Reconstructing Mean Climate and Seasonality from the Central Pacific
Atwood AR, Cobb KM, Jones A, Grothe PR, Sayani HR, Chiang JCH, Hitt NT, Chen T, Deocampo DM, Southon JR, Edwards RL & Cheng H

(2017) Measuring Seasonal Hydroclimate Dynamics in Speleothems
Orland I, Edwards L, Bar-Matthews M, Kozdon R, Cheng H, Ayalon A & Valley J

(2017) Centennial Growth Rate Variability of Two Alpine Holocene Speleothems
Arps J, Trüssel M, Leutz K, Schröder-Ritzrau A, Edwards L, Cheng H, Zhang P, Thil F, Deininger M, Aeschbach N, Spötl C, Fohlmeister J & Frank N

(2017) Hydro-Climate Variability during the Last Two Millennia in Morocco, Inferred from High Resolution Speleothem Records
Ait Brahim Y, Sifeddine A, Cheng H, Wassenburg JA, Khodri M, Cruz FW & Bouchaou L

(2017) Vertical POC Flux Profiles and Oxygen Utilization Rates from Particulate 230Th-Normalization
Pavia F, Anderson R, Lam P, Martin M, Fine R, Vivancos S, Fleisher M, Zhang P, Lu Y, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2017) What do Deviations from the Reversible Scavenging Model Tell us About the Removal of Trace Elements from the Ocean?
Anderson R, Pavia F, Vivancos S, Fleisher M, Zhang P, Lu Y, Cheng H & Edwards L

(2016) High-Resolution Records of Atmospheric 14C Based on Hulu Cave Speleothems
Cheng H, Edwards RL, Southon J, Xu Y & Li H

(2016) A New Devils Hole Chronology and Orbital Forcing of Great Basin Climate
Moseley GE, Edwards RL, Wendt KA, Cheng H, Dublanski Y, Boch R, Lu Y & Spotl C

(2016) Climate Variability in Rodrigues Island, Southern Indian Ocean, over the Past 8000 Years
Li H, Cheng H, Sinha A, Spötl C, Ning Y, Biswas J & Edwards RL

(2016) Trends, Oscillations, and Anomalies in the Indian Summer Monsoon Rainfall
Sinha A, Cheng H & Kathayat G

(2016) Hydroclimate Changes Across the Amazon Lowland over the Past 45, 000 Years
Wang X, Edwards RL, Auler A, Cheng H, Kong X, Wang Y, Cruz F, Dorale J & Chiang H-W

(2015) Scavenging of Thorium and Protactinium by Particles from the East Pacific Rise Hydrothermal Plume
Anderson R, Fleisher M, Pavia F, Vivancos S, Cheng H, Lu Y & Edwards RL

(2014) Interpreting Climatic Signals from Stalagmite Trace Element and Isotopic Records Using Simple Geochemical Models and Growth Rate Constraints
Stoll H, Moreno A, Cacho I, Mendez-Vicente A, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2014) The Internal Structure of Millennial-Scale Abrupt Climate Change Events; Insights from LAICPMS Sr/Ca and Mg/Ca Records
Bernal JP, Strikis N, Cruz FW, Catunda MC, Ortega C, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Auler A

(2014) High-Resolution Rainfall Records for Middle and Late Holocene Based on Speleothem Annual UV Fluorescent Layers Integrated with Stable Isotopes and U/Th Dating, Raccoon Mountain Cave, TN, USA
Driese S, Li Z-H, Cheng H, Harvill J & Sims J

(2014) Merging Lake and Cave Archives of Past Climate Change in the U.S. Great Basin
McGee D, Steponaitis E, Andrews A, Quade J, Edwards L, Broecker W & Cheng H

(2014) Seawater Th Isotopes in the U. S. North Atlantic GEOTRACES Transect: Sources, Sinks and Cycling
Huang K-F, Robinson LF, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleisher MQ, Edwards RL, Cheng H, Lu Y & Moran SB

(2013) North Pacific SST Variability and Drought in Southwestern North America Since 854 AD
Johnson K, McCabe-Glynn S, Strong C, Berkelhammer M, Sinha A, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2013) Constraining Rates of Trace Element Supply and Removal Using Long-Lived Thorium Isotopes
Anderson R, Hayes C, Fleisher M, Robinson L, Huang K-F, Cheng H, Sha L, Edwards RL, Lu Y & Moran SB

(2012) Dissolved 231Pa/230Th in the U. S. GEOTRACES North Atlantic Zonal Transect
Anderson R, Hayes C, Fleisher M, Robinson L, Huang K-F, Edwards RL, Cheng H & Moran SB

(2012) Sources, Sinks and Cycling of Seawater 232Th in the North and South Atlantic Basins
Robinson LF, Huang K-F, Auro ME, Anderson RF, Hayes CT, Fleischer MQ, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Moran SB & Saito M

(2012) Lacustrine Cave Carbonates: Novel, Absolute-Dated Paleohydrologic Archives in the Bonneville Basin (Utah, USA)
McGee D, Quade J, Edwards RL, Broecker W, Cheng H & Steponaitis E

(2012) Vegetation Collapse on Flores 69, 000 Years Ago: A Consequence of the Toba Super-Eruption, or a Volcanic Disaster Closer to Home?
Scroxton N, Gagan MK, Williams IS, Hellstrom JC, Cheng H, Ayliffe LK, Dunbar GB, Hantoro WS, Rifai H & Suwargadi BW

(2012) On the Timing and Mechanisms of Heinrich Stadials: A Speleothem Study from Southern Brazil
Wang X, Rao Z, Cai Y, Kong X, Auler A, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2012) Timing and Source of Cold Seeps at the Northern Slope of South China Sea: Evidence from U/Th Dating and Sr Isotopes
Tong H, Feng D, Cheng H, Yang S, Wang H, Min AM, Edwards RL & Chen D

(2011) Indian Ocean Monsoon Dynamics Recorded in a Speleothem from Socotra, Yemen
De Vleeschouwer D, Van Rampelbergh M, Claeys P, Cheng H, Verheyden S & Keppens E

(2011) Megadroughts at the Dawn of Islam Recorded in a Stalagmite from Northern Oman
Fleitmann D, Bradley RS, Burns SJ, Mudelsee M, Cheng H, Edwards LR, Mangini A & Matter A

(2010) U-Th Systematics in Deep-Sea Red Clays
Wang X, Broecker W, Edwards L & Cheng H

(2010) U/Th Dating of Cold-Seep Carbonates: Timing and Duration of Fluid Seepage
Feng D, Cheng H, Roberts H, Peckmann J, Bohrmann G & Chen D

(2010) Chinese Cave Climate Records
Edwards RL, Cheng H, Wang Y, An Z, Yuan D & Zhang P

(2010) Mid-Holocene El Niño-Southern Oscillation Revisited
Cobb K, Sayani H, Charles C, Westphal N, Edwards L & Cheng H

(2009) ENSO Record in Mid-Late Holocene Fossil Corals from Line Islands – Forced Response or Internal Variability?
Westphal N, Charles CD, Cobb KM, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Haug GH

(2009) Speleothem Evidence for Coupling between Iberian Peninsula Hydrology and North Atlantic Oceanic and Atmospheric Modes
Stoll H, Moreno A, Banasiak A, Jimenez-Sanchez M, Cacho I, Vadillo I, Burns S, Dominguez-Cuesta MJ, Edwards RL & Cheng H

(2009) Last Glacial Rapid Climate Shifts in Central Europe: Environmental and Chronological Considerations from Precisely Dated Cave Carbonates
Boch R, Spötl C, Cheng H, Edwards RL, Wang X & Häuselmann P

(2008) Climate Correlations Across the MIS 5/4 Boundary Based on a Stalagmite Record from Dongge Cave, China
Kelly MJ, Cheng H, Edwards RL & Yuan D

(2008) A New Generation of 230Th Dating Techniques: Tests of Precision and Accuracy
Cheng H, Edwards RL, Wang X, Woodhead J, Hellstrom J, Wang Y & Kong X

(2008) Fossil Coral Constraints on Tropical Pacific Temperature and Hydrology during the Last Millennium: Lessons and Updates
Cobb K, Charles C, Edwards RL & Cheng H

(2008) Absolute Dated Terrestrial Climate Record of Temperature and Precipitation in the Eastern US
Hardt B, Rowe HD, Springer GS, Cheng H & Edwards RL

(2008) Rapid Amazonian Moisture Changes during the Last Glacial Period
Wang X, Auler A, Edwards RL, Cheng H & Ito E

(2008) Decadal to Millenial Variability in Holocene Winter Climate in the Pacific Northwest
Ersek V, Clark P, Mix A, Cheng H & Edwards LR

(2008) New 230Th Dating Methods Applied to Chinese Caves: Climate Change on Glacial to Cultural Timescales
Edwards RL, Cheng H, Wang Y, Yuan D, An Z, Kelly MJ, Dykoski C & Wang X

(2002) Timescale of Melt Differentiation from 231Pa-226Ra Data
Asmerom Y, Mukasa S, Cheng H, Polyak V & Edwards L

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