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All abstracts by Guoxiang Chi in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Tracking Ore Fluid Pathways by in situ synchrotron-Xrf Analysis of Fluid Inclusions
Rabiei M, Chi G, Potter EG & Feng R

(2021) Diagenetic Origin of Ca-Dominated Brine in the Athabasca Basin – A Geochemical Path Modeling
Wang Y & Chi G

(2019) Enrichment of U-Y-Zr in Basinal Brines of the Athabasca Basin – Implications for U and REE Mineralization
Chi G, Chu H, Petts D, Potter E, Jackson S & Williams-Jones A

(2019) Cryogenic 2D Raman Mapping of NaCl and CaCl2 Hydrates in Synthetic Fluid Inclusions
Chu H, Chi G & Xue C

(2017) Post-Collisional Porphyry-Related Mineralization Systems in the Hongshan Deposit, Southern Yidun Arc, SW China
Zu B, Xue C, Chi G & Zhao X

(2017) Microbial-Textures and in situ Sulfur Isotopic Analysis of Spheroidal and Zonal Sulfides in the Giant Jinding Zn-Pb Deposit, Yunnan, China
Xue C, Chi G & Fayek M

(2016) Unconformity-Related Uranium Mineralization in the Athabasca Basin, Canada: Deep Burial Diagenetic-Hydrothermal or Epithermal?
Chi G & Chu H

(2014) Abnormal Geothermal Gradients and Development of Calcic Brine in the Athabasca Basin and their Importance for Unconformity-Type Uranium Mineralization
Scott R & Chi G

(2014) A Study of Melt Inclusions from the Zijinshan Epithermal-Porphyry Au-Cu Ore Field, Fujian, China
Chi G, Lei R, Creighton S, Qi J & Li J

(2012) Hydrodynamic Constraints on Relationships between Different Types of U Deposits in Southern China
Chi G & Zhou Y

(2012) Constraining the Composition of Basinal Brines in the Athabasca Basin from Individual Fluid Inclusion Analysis in Quartz Overgrowths
Scott R & Chi G

(2009) Studying Gold Solubilities Using Fused Silica Capillaries
Chi G, Chou I-M, Wang F, Shang L, Xue C & Liu X

(2009) Reconstructing Hydrothermal Vent Chemistry Through Analysis of Vein Minerals
Turchyn A, Alt J, Brown S, DePaolo D, Coggon R, Chi G, Skulski T & Bedard J

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