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All abstracts by Paul Chirita in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Kinetics and Mechanism of Iron Monosulfide (FeS) Oxidative Dissolution
Duinea M, Badica C & Chirita P

(2014) The Effect of Some Synthetic Organic Compounds on the Oxidative Dissolution of Iron Monosulfide (FeS)
Badica C, Duinea M, Birsa L, Baibarac M, Matei E & Chirita P

(2014) Effect of Sulfosalicylic Acid on Iron Monosulfide (FeS) Oxidative Dissolution in Aerated Acidic Solutions
Duinea M, Badica C, Schlegel M & Chirita P

(2013) Electrochemical Investigation of Iron Monosulfide Oxidation by Hydrogen Peroxide
Chirita P, Constantin C & Schlegel M

(2013) The Effect of 1, 10-Phenanthroline on the Oxidative Dissolution of Iron Monosulfide (FeS)
Badica C & Chirita P

(2013) The Effect of Some New Organic Inhibitors on the Oxidative Dissolution of Iron Monosulfide (FeS)
Constantin C, Chirita P, Badica C, Birsa L, Matei E, Baltog I & Schlegel M

(2012) Electrochemical Study of Pyrite Oxidation in Oxygen-Bearing Solutions
Chirita P, Constantin C & Schlegel M

(2011) Oxidation of FeS by Fe3+(aq)
Chirita P & Schlegel M

(2010) Effect of Ionic Strength on the Kinetics of Pyrite Oxidation
Chirita P

(2009) Electrochemical Study of FeS Corrosion in Acid Solutions in the Presence of Benzothiazolic Compounds
Chirita P, Samide A, Ciuciu A, Descostes M & Schlegel M

(2007) Pyrrhotite Oxidation in Weakly Acidic Solutions
Chirita P, Descostes M & Schlegel M

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