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All abstracts by R Hu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2006) Geology and geochemistry of the Lincang superlarge Germanium deposit hosted in coal seams, Yunnan, China
Hu R, Qi H, Bi X, Su W & Peng J

(2006) Geochemical Characteristics of the Yao'an and Machangqing Alkaline-rich Intrusions in the Ailaoshan-Jinshajiang Belt, Western Yunnan, China
Bi X, Hu R, Peng J, Liu L, Wu K & Su W

(2005) Helium and Sulfur Isotopic Geochemistry of Furong Tin Deposit in Hunan Province
Li Z, Hu R, Peng J & Bi X

(2005) Secular Evolution of Cretaceous-Cenozoic Lithosphere Mantle beneath the Cathaysia Block: Geochemical Evidence for Temporal Variations in Basaltic Mgmatism
Xie G, Mao J, Hu R, Li R & Cao J

(2004) Correlation between Helium and Sulfur Isotopes Observed in the Machangqing Cupper Deposit, China
Hu R, Bi X, Burnard P & Zhou M

(2004) Compositional Evolution of Magmatic Volatiles in Mineralized Alkaline Intrusions in the Ailaoshan-Jinshajiang Belt, Western Yunnan, China
Bi X, Hu R, Hanley J, Mungall J & Peng J

(2004) REE signature, Sm-Nd and Rb-Sr Isotope Systematics of Scheelites from the Woxi Au-Sb-W Deposit in Western Hunan, South China
Peng J & Hu R

(2004) The Links between the Hongge Layered Intrusion and Emeishan Flood Basalts in SW China
Zhong H & Hu R

(2003) Geochronology of Crustal Extension during the Cretaceous-Tertiary in South China
Hu R, Xie G, Jia D, Su W, Peng J & Bi X

(2003) Laojunshan-Song Chay Metamorphic Core Complex and its Tectonic Significance
Liu Y, Ye L, Li C & Hu R

(2003) Mineral Chemistry Studies on Crystallization Conditions of Mineralized Alkaline Intrusions in Ailaoshan-Jinshajiang Alkaline Intrusion Belt, Western Yunnan, China
Bi X, Hu R, Hanley J, Mungall J, Peng J & Wu K

(2001) Isotopic Geochemistry in the Vein-Type Copper Deposits in Lanping-Simao Basin, Western Yunnan, China
Liu J, Liu Y, Hu R, Li C, Zhang Q & Pan J

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