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All abstracts by John N. Christensen in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Quantifying Groundwater Inputs to the East River, CO Using 222Rn Measurements and Xe Reaeration
Christensen JN, Visser A, Newman A, Burt E, Newcomer ME, Carroll RWH & Williams KH

(2019) U-Series Comminution Ages Constrain Quaternary Sediment Transport Times to the Bengal Fan
Clinger A, DePaolo D, Brown S & Christensen J

(2019) Quantitative Model for Abiotic Uranium Isotope Fractionation
Brown S, Christensen J & DePaolo D

(2016) Uranium Isotope Fractionation: a Critical Review
Brown S, Basu A, Christensen J & DePaolo D

(2016) Calcium Isotopic Fractionation by Carbonate Precipitation from High pH Waters at the Cedars, CA
Christensen JN, Conrad ME, DePaolo DJ & Brown ST

(2015) Fracture Properties in Geothermal Systems from Stable and Radiogenic Isotopes
Brown ST, Christensen JN, Sonnenthal EL, Kennedy BM, Sturchio NC, Nakagawa S, Wanner C & DePaolo DJ

(2015) Geochemical-Isotopic Systematics, Geothermometry, and THMC Models of the Newberry Volcano Enhanced Geothermal System
Sonnenthal E, Cladouhos T, Brown S, Christensen J, Smith JT, Spycher N, Conrad M, Kennedy BM, Yang L & Dobson P

(2015) Chemical and Isotopic Dynamics of Spring Water Table Rise at Rifle, CO
Christensen JN, Brown ST, Basu A, Schilling K, Conrad ME, Bill M, Williams KH, Johnson TM, Shiel AE, Yang L, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Yabusaki SB, Maher K, Weaver K, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2015) Selenium Isotope Ratios as Novel Redox Proxies to Detect the Onset of U(VI) Reduction in Groundwater
Basu A, Schilling K, Brown ST, Johnson TM, Christensen JN, DePaolo DJ, Reimus PW & Heikoop JM

(2014) K and Ca Isotopic Fractionation by Plants
Qin L, Christensen J, Brown S & DePaolo D

(2014) Constraints from U and Sr Isotopes on the Hydrology of a Alluvial Aquifer at Rifle, Colorado
Christensen JN, Shiel AE, Conrad ME, Williams KH, Dong W, Tokunaga TK, Wan J, Long PE & Hubbard SS

(2014) Uranium Remediation at an in situ Recovery (ISR) Site: Isotope Ratios as Indicators of Reducing Enviroments
Basu A, Brown ST, Christensen JN, DePaolo DJ, Reimus PW, Heikoop JM, Schilling K & Johnson TM

(2014) Isotopic Signatures of H2 and CH4 at the Cedars: Implications for Temperatures and Mechanisms of Serpentinization at the Site
Conrad M, Mayhew L, Christensen J, Bill M & Templeton A

(2014) Tracking Geothermal Reservoir Stimulation by Li Isotope Fractionation
Wanner C, Sonnenthal E, Nakagawa S, Brown S, Christensen J, Icenhower J & Nakashima S

(2013) Multiple Isotopic Tracers to Monitor Remediation of Uranium Solution Mining
Brown S, Christensen J, DePaolo D, Basu A, Reimus P, Simmons A & Heikoop J

(2013) Unravelling Sources of Ground-Level Ozone in the Intermountain Western U.S. Through Pb Isotopes
Christensen JN, Weiss-Penzias P, Brown ST, McDade C, Jaffe D & Gustin M

(2013) Cr Isotopic Evidence of Enzymatic Reduction of Cr(VI) Catalyzed by a Sulfate-Reducing Bacterium
Qin L, Han R, Chakraborty R, Christensen J & Beller H

(2012) Integrating Geochemical, Reactive Transport, and Facies-Based Modeling Approaches at the Contaminated Savannah River F-Area
Spycher N, Bea S, Wainwright H, Mukhopadhyay S, Christensen J, Dong W, Hubbard S, Davis J & Denham M

(2012) Cr(VI) Reduction and Isotopic Fractionation In Bacteria: Cytoplasmic/Extracellular Reduction Rate and Diffusion Controls
Sonnenthal E, Christensen J & Han R

(2012) Kinetic Isotope Fractionation of Ionic Species in D2O and Methanol
Hofmann AE, Bourg IC, Christensen JN & DePaolo DJ

(2012) On Using Natural Chemical and Isotopic Tracers to Monitor Fracture Surface Area Evolution in Enhanced Geothermal Systems
Christensen JN, Saldi GD, Spycher NF, Knauss KG & Kennedy BM

(2011) Cr Isotope Fractionation during Biogeochemical Reduction of Cr(VI) by Hanford Native Aquifer Microbial Communities
Qin L, Christensen J, Brown S, Yang L, Conrad M, Sonnenthal E & Beller H

(2011) Multi-Isotopic Constraints on Contamination History, Contaminant Migration and Structure of the F-Area Acidic Plume, Savannah River Site
Christensen JN, Denham ME, Conrad ME, Bill M & Wan J

(2010) Radiogenic and Non-Traditional Isotopic Tracers of Subsurface CO2
DePaolo D, Christensen J & Conrad M

(2010) The Deep Vadoze Zone as a Source of Uranium to the Near-Shore Aquifer at the Hanford Site, Washington
McKinley J, Zachara J, Resch C, Girvin D, Kaluzny R, Vermeul V & Christensen J

(2010) Uranium Isotopic Systematics of the 300 Area (Hanford, WA) Groundwater Plume and U-Contaminated Sediments
Christensen JN, McKinley JP, Conrad ME, Stoliker D, Dresel PE, DePaolo DJ & Zachara JM

(2009) A Pb (and Sr) Isotopic Return Address for Trans-Pacific Transported Aerosols
Christensen JN, Ewing SA, Brown ST, VanCuren RA, Cliff SS & DePaolo DJ

(2008) U-Series Comminution Ages from a Pleistocene Alluvial Fan
Lee V, DePaolo D & Christensen J

(2007) Using Isotopes to Track Intercontinental Dust Transport: Building a Bridge from Hefei, China to California, Spring 2002
Christensen J, Cliff S, VanCuren R, Perry K & DePaolo D

(2007) U-Series Comminution Ages: Depositional Age and Transport Times for Non-Marine Sediments
Lee V, DePaolo D & Christensen J

(2005) Denitrification and Sulfate Reduction in Arctic Continental Margin Sediments
Devol A, Chang B & Christensen J

(2005) Oxygen Consumption Rates in the Shelf and Slope Sediments of the Western Arctic
Chang B, Devol A & Christensen J

(2005) U-Th/He Dating of Basalt
Aciego S, DePaolo D, Kennedy B & Christensen J

(2004) Kinetic Fractionation of Lithium Isotopes during Diffusion in Water
Christensen J, Richter F & Mendybaev R

(2004) Rare Earth Elements in Natural Calcite
Christensen J, Stipp S, Baker J & Harstad A

(2003) Eu(III) Uptake in Calcite: A Model for Actinide Retardation by a Secondary Phase
Stipp S, Lakstanov L & Christensen J

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