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All abstracts by Marcus Christl in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2013) Complex in situ Cosmogenic 10Be-14C Data Suggest Mid-Holocene Climate Change on the Bolivian Altiplano
Hippe K, Kober F, Ivy-Ochs S, Lupker M, Wacker L, Christl M & Wieler R

(2013) Laser Ablation for Spatially Resolved Radiocarbon Measurements with Gas Source-Accelerator Mass Spectrometry
Hattendorf B, Münsterer C, Dietiker R, Koch J, Wacker L, Christl M, Synal A & Günther D

(2013) Measuring Denudation Rates with the 10Be(meteoric)/9Be Isotope Ratio in Catchments with Different Lithologies
Dannhaus N, von Blanckenburg F, Wittmann H, Kram P & Christl M

(2013) The First Comprehensive Dataset of 236U in the North Atlantic Ocean
Casacuberta N, Christl M, Lachner J, van der Loeff M, Masqué P & Synal HA

(2012) Glacial Atlantic Circulation – Insights from Combined Sedimentary eNd and 231Pa/230Th Records
Lippold J, Gutjahr M, Wombacher F, Christner E & Christl M

(2011) Tracing Water Masses with Radiogenic Isotopes: Water Column and Fe-Mn Crust Records from the Eastern Equatorial Pacific Ocean
Heuer L, Frank M, Eisenhauer A & Christl M

(2011) Plio-Pleistocene Evolution of Water Mass Exchange and Erosional Input in the Fram Strait
Teschner C, Frank M, Haley BA, Christl M, Vogt C & Knies J

(2011) Vertical Distribution of 236U in the Western Equatorial Atlantic Ocean
Christl M, Lachner J, Vockenhuber C, Rutgers v. d. Loeff M, Lechtenfeld O & Stimac I

(2009) 10Be and 36Cl Interlaboratory Comparisons: Implications for Terrestrial Production Rates?
Merchel S, Bremser W, Alfimov V, Arnold M, Aumaître G, Benedetti L, Bourlès DL, Braucher R, Caffee M, Christl M, Fifield LK, Finkel RC, Freeman SPHT, Ruiz-Gomez A, Kubik PW, Rood DH, Sasa K, Steier P, Tims SG, Wallner A, Wilcken KM & Xu S

(2009) The Response of Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th on Particle Flux – Findings from the African Margin
Lippold J, Christl M, Hofmann A, Mollenhauer G, Mulitza S, Weyer S & Mangini A

(2009) Water Mass Properties and Circulation in the Cape Basin – A Multi Proxy Approach
Christl M & Mangini A

(2008) Display Sedimentary 231Pa/230Th Ratios the Strength of Atlantic Deep Water Circulation? – An Approach for the Past 30, 000 Years
Lippold J, Christl M, Gruetzner J, Lahaye Y, Winter D & Mangini A

(2002) Distribution and Sedimentary Flux of 10Beryllium, 230Thorium, and 231Protactinium in the South Atlantic Ocean on a Glacial / Interglacial Timescale; A Multibox Model Approach
Christl M, Siegle S, Strobl C, Reuter S & Mangini A

(2002) Redox Driven Cycling of Uranium between Sediment and Water in a Seasonal Anoxic and Sulfidic Lake
Laukenmann S, Wild V, Christl M, Mangini A, Isenbeck-Schröter M & Ilmberger J

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