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All abstracts by Sachiko Amari in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) Presolar Graphite in Meteorites – H.C. Urey Medal Lecture
Amari S

(2020) Evidence of Presolar SiC in the Allende Fine-Grained CAIs
Pravdivtseva O, Tissot FLH, Dauphas N & Amari S

(2018) Presolar Graphite: Insight into Redox Conditions in CO Nova Ejecta
Haenecour P, Howe JY, Zega TJ, Wallace P, Amari S, Floss C, Lodders K, Kaji K, Sunaoshi T & Muto A

(2018) S-Process Xe and Kr Enrichment in the Allende CAI Curious Marie: Case for a Presolar SiC Carrier
Pravdivtseva O, Tissot F, Dauphas N, Meshik A & Amari S

(2017) Presolar Silicon Carbide Grains from Supernovae: The Role of Carbon-14
Hoppe P, Pignatari M, Kodolányi J, Gröner E & Amari S

(2016) High-Density Graphite Grains from the Murchison Meteorite
Amari S, Zinner E & Gallino R

(2009) SiC Grains from Supernovae and the Solar Si-Isotopic Ratios
Hoppe P, Leitner J, Meyer B, The L-S, Lugaro M & Amari S

(2008) Raman Spectroscopic Feature of the Noble Gas Carrier Q in Meteorites
Matsuda J-I, Nara M & Amari S

(2003) Isotopic Composition of Kr in Presolar Mainstream SiC Grains
Fazio C, Gallino R, Pignatari M, Mutti P, Amari S & Lewis R

(2003) Isotopic Signatures of Presolar Silicon Carbide of Type Z
Amari S, Zinner E, Gallino R & Lewis R

(2002) Isotopic Compositions of Small Presolar Dust Grains
Zinner E, Amari S, Guinness R, Ann N & Stadermann F

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