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All abstracts by Fred Ciesla in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Devolatilization of Planetesimals Viewed from C/S Versus C Relations
Hirschmann M, Li J, Bergin T, Ciesla F & Blake G

(2018) Widmanst├Ątten Pattern Growth in a Dynamic Early Solar System
Lyons R, Ciesla F & Dauphas N

(2018) Carbon Volatility and the Implications for Carbon Supply to Terrestrial Worlds
Bergin E, Li J, Blake G, Ciesla F & Hirschmann M

(2017) What a Mess! Mixing it Up in the Solar Nebula
Ciesla F & Krijt S

(2016) Low Ar Concentration in Amorphous Water Ice
Yokochi R, Schmitt B, Quirico E, Ciesla F, Davis A & Dauphas N

(2016) Sensitivities of Earth's Core and Mantle Compositions to Accretion and Differentiation Processes
Fischer R, Campbell A & Ciesla F

(2015) Pressure and Temperature-Dependent Cryotrapping of Ar in Amorphous Water Ice
Yokochi R, Schmitt B, Quirico E, Ciesla F, Davis A & Dauphas N

(2015) Ingredients for a Habitable Earth: Tracing C/N Ratios from Interstellar Space Through Planet Formation
Bergin E, Blake G, Ciesla F, Hirschmann M & Li J

(2013) Origin of Water on the Chondrite Asteroids: Evidence from Oxygen-Isotope Compositions of Aqueously-Formed Minerals
Krot A, Doyle P, Nagashima K, Jogo K, Wakita S, Ciesla F & Hutcheon I

(2009) Reconciling Models of the Solar Nebula with the Chondritic Record
Ciesla F

(2009) Collisions Among Porous Planetesimals and the Water Content of Planetary Embryos
Ciesla F, Collins G, Davison T & O'Brien D

(2008) Mixing It Up in the Early Solar System
Ciesla F

(2007) Relict Refractory Inclusions in Chondrules from the Metal-Rich Carbonaceous Chondrites
Krot A, Nagashima K, Bizzarro M, Huss G, Ciesla F & Ulyanov A

(2006) Origin and evolution of oxygen isotopes in the inner solar system
Krot A, Yurimoto H, Ciesla F & Lyons J

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