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All abstracts by Philippe Claeys in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Fe and Ni Isotope Fractionation in Magmatic and Non-Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Chernonozhkin SM, Goderis S, Claeys P & Vanhaecke F

(2015) A 500-Year Seasonally Resolved δ18O and δ13C, Layer Thickness and Aspect Record from a Speleothem in the Han-sur-Lesse Cave, Belgium
Van Rampelbergh M, Verheyden S, Keppens E & Claeys P

(2015) First Findings of Impact Melt in the IIE Netschaëvo Meteorite
Van Roosbroek N, Pittarello L, Hamann C, Greshake A, Debaille V, Wirth R & Claeys P

(2015) Slow Cooling Rate of Silicate in Mesosiderite Inferred from Exsolution Lamellae in Pyroxene
Pittarello L, McKibbin S, Ji G, Schryvers D, Debaille V & Claeys P

(2015) Contrasting Styles of Interaction between Core and Mantle Reservoirs in the Main-Group Pallasite Source
McKibbin S, Pittarello L & Claeys P

(2013) Formation of the IIE Non Magmatic Iron Meteorites
Van Roosbroek N, Debaille V, Goderis S, Valley J, Spicuzza M & Claeys P

(2011) Indian Ocean Monsoon Dynamics Recorded in a Speleothem from Socotra, Yemen
De Vleeschouwer D, Van Rampelbergh M, Claeys P, Cheng H, Verheyden S & Keppens E

(2010) The Geochemistry of the Brent Impact Structure, Ontario, Canada
Goderis S, Vleminckx B, Paquay F, Chakrabarti R, Renson V, Debaille V, Sluyts W, Vanhaecke F, Spray J, Jacobsen S & Claeys P

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