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All abstracts by Mark Claire in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Periodic Formation of Organic Haze in the Neoarchean Atmosphere
Zerkle A, Claire M, Domagal-Goldman S, Farquhar J & Poulton S

(2012) What Caused the 2.4 Ga Rise of Oxygen?
Catling D, Zahnle K & Claire M

(2012) The Bi-Stability of Organic Haze in the Archean Atmosphere
Claire M, Zerkle A, Domagal-Goldman S, Farquhar J & Poulton S

(2012) Distribution and Stable Isotopic Composition of ClO4- in the Atacama Desert
Jackson WA, Rao B, Bohlke JK, Hatzinger P, Sturchio N, Gu B, Davilia A & Clair M

(2012) Planetary Oxidation and the Biogeochemistry of Exoplanets
Rushby A, Watson A & Claire M

(2011) Redox and Early Earth’s Sulfur Cycle
Farquhar J, Claire M, Domagal-Goldman S, Harms B, Poulton S & Zerkle A

(2010) Variations in the Magnitude of Non Mass Dependent Sulfur Fractionation in the Archean Atmosphere
Claire M & Kasting J

(2010) Biogenic Sulfur Gases, MIF-S, and the Rise of Free Oxygen
Zahnle K, Claire M & Wing B

(2009) There was Probably More Nitrogen in the Archean Atmosphere -­ This Would Have Helped Resolve the Faint Young Sun Paradox
Goldblatt C, Matthews A, Claire M, Lenton T, Watson A & Zahnle K

(2009) Volcanic SO2, Atmospheric Photochemistry, and Climate on Early Mars
Claire M

(2008) The Great Collapse of Methane: Rethinking the Rise of Oxygen
Claire M, Catling D & Zahnle K

(2008) O2 Variability in Archean Environments: Do Whiffs Trump Tiffs?
Anbar A & Claire M

(2007) Sulfate, Methane, and the Rise in Atmospheric Oxygen
Claire M, Catling D & Zahnle K

(2007) Archean Methane, Oxygen and Sulfur
Catling D, Claire M & Zahnle K

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