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All abstracts by Christopher Coath in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Determining Source Terms for FDNPP Fallout Using 135Cs/137Cs and Pu Isotopes
Dunne J, Richards D, Coath C, Chen H, Scott T, Martin P & Yamashiki Y

(2016) In situ Isotopic Analyses Using a New Generation Collision Cell Mass Spectrometry
Chen H-W, Lewis J, Coath C, Schwieters J, Tomkinson T & Elliott T

(2016) A Unique Instrumental Approach for Enhanced Specificity in MC-Ic-Pms
Schwieters J, Elliott T, Coath C, Lewis J, Wehrs H & Lloyd NS

(2016) A Double-Spike Tracer Method for Isotopic Analysis of Three-Isotope Systems by MC-ICPMS
Coath C, Hin R & Elliott T

(2015) Aluminium-26 Systematics of CV3 Chondrules: Evidence for a Multi-Stage Thermal History
Russell S, Claydon J, Coath C, Lai Y-J & Elliott T

(2015) Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Elliott T, Wehrs H, Coath C, Lewis J & Schwieters J

(2014) The Implications of a Non-Chondritic Terrestrial Mg Isotope Composition
Elliott T, Lai Y-J, Walker A, Coath C, Pogge von Strandmann P, Willbold M, Chen H, Hin R, Bonsor A & Leinhardt Z

(2011) Quantifying Ocean Acidification during the Palaeogene Hyperthermals
Foster L, Schmidt D, Ridgwell A, Thomas E, Coath C, Hinton R & Scott T

(2011) Nickel Isotope Anomalies: Neutron-Rich or Neutron-Poor?
Steele R, Elliott T, Coath C & Regelous M

(2009) Measurement of Mass-Independent ε64Ni Isotopic Anomalies in Meteorites
Steele R, Elliott T, Coath C & Regelous M

(2009) Monazite Solubility in High-Pressure Aqueous Melts
Skora S, Blundy J, Coath C & Bouvier A-S

(2008) Origin of Ti Isotope Heterogeneity in the Protoplanetary Disk
Trinquier A, Bizzarro M, Ulfbeck D, Elliott T, Coath C, Mendybaev R, Richter F & Krot A

(2007) Nickel Isotope Anomalies in Iron and Chondritic Meteorites
Regelous M, Elliott T & Coath C

(2006) Boron isotope determinations by direct injection MC-ICPMS
Foster GL, Elliott T & Coath CD

(2005) Hf Isotopes by Laser Ablation Multi-Collector ICP-MS: Progress, Pitfalls and Prognosis
Kemp T, Foster G, Coath C & Schersten A

(2004) Iron Isotope Fractionation by Chemotrophic Iron-Oxidisers
Leighton E, Elliott T, Hawkesworth C, Parkes J & Coath C

(2003) Mass-Dependent and Mass-Independent Sulfur Isotopic Effects in Archean and Paleoproterozoic Sulfides and Sulfates
Runnegar B, Coath C, Lyons J, McKeegan K & Mojzsis S

(2002) Mass-Independent and Mass-Dependant Sulfur Processing throughout the Archean
Runnegar B, Coath C, Lyons J & McKeegan K

(2001) Zircon Isotope Behavior during Upper-Amphibolite Facies Fluid Infiltration
Carson CJ, Ague JJ & Coath CD

(2001) Non-Mass-Dependent Sulfur Isotopes Documented from in situ Measurements of Precambrian Sedimentary Sulfides by Multi-Collector Ion Microprobe
Mojzsis SJ, Coath CD, Greenwood JP, McKeegan KD, Harrison TM & Runnegar B

(2001) “Plumbing” Zircon Inheritance in Young Rhyolites
Reid MR, Azquez JAV & Coath CD

(2000) Magma-Chronology: High Silica Rhyolite
Reid MR & Coath CD

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