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All abstracts by Charles Seaton Cockell in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2012) Bacterial Necromass as a Driver of Bacterial Weathering
Summers S, Whiteley A & Cockell C

(2012) Magnesium Isotope Fractionation during Bacterial Mediated Carbonate Precipitation
Parkinson I, Pearce C, Polacsek T, Cockell C & Brady M

(2011) Influence of Conditions Past and Present on Bacterial Calcium Mineral Precipitation
Polacsek TK, Cockell CS & Gladding T

(2010) Endolithic Habitats in Shocked Gneisses from Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Canada
Pontefract A, Osinski G, Cockell C & Southam G

(2009) Laboratory Experiments on the Weathering of Iron Meteorites and Carbonaceous Chondrites by Iron-Oxidising Bacteria
Kee T, Gronstal A, Pearson V, Kappler A, Dooris C, Poitrasson F & Cockell C

(2009) The Genetics of a Microbe-Mineral Interaction
Van Houdt R, Olsson-Francis K, Leys N, Mergeay M & Cockell C

(2009) Microbial Geomorphology – The Role of a Biota in Coastal Erosion
Cockell C, Pybus D, Olsson-Francis K, Petley D, Howard K, Busemann H & Mosselmans F

(2009) Influence of Impacts on the Deep Subsurface Biosphere
Gronstal A, Cockell C, Voytek M, Kirshtein J & Finster K

(2009) A Geobiological Comparison of High- and Low-Silica Containing Weathered Volcanic Glass
Kelly L, Herrera A, Olsson-Francis K, Andersen G, Piceno Y & Cockell C

(2009) The Effect of Water-Rock Ratios on Microbial Weathering of Basalt
Simpson A, Grady M, Mosselmans F & Cockell C

(2009) The Use of Low Earth Orbit to Select for Extremophilic Cyanobacteria
Olsson-Francis K, de la Torre R & Cockell C

(2008) Emergence of a Habitable Planet
Zahnle K, Arndt N, Cockell C, Halliday A, Nisbet E, Selsis F & Sleep N

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