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All abstracts by Richard Collins in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2015) Formation of Surface U(V) by Reduction of Ca-U-Carbonate Complexes with Nanoscale Zero-Valent Iron
Tsarev S, Waite D & Collins R

(2013) Theoretical Calculations on the Thermodynamics and Kinetics of U(VI) Homogeneous Reduction by Fe(II)
Collins R & Rosso K

(2012) Time-Resolved SAXS Study of Nucleation and Growth of iron(III) Oxyhydroxides
Bligh M, Rose A, Collins R & Waite D

(2012) Fe(II)-mediated Reduction of Cr(VI) and U(VI) in the Presence of Fe(III) Oxyhydroxides
Boland D, Collins R, Glover C, Payne T & Waite D

(2012) Characterisation of Arsenic and Trace Metals in Acid Sulfate Environments
Stroud J & Collins R

(2012) Mobilization of Exchangeable Aluminum in Acid Sulfate Soils (ASS)
Yvanes-Giuliani Y, Fink D, Rose J, Waite TD & Collins R

(2011) Ferric Iron Geometry and Coordination during Hydrolysis and Ferrihydrite Precipitation
Collins R, Rose A, Glover C, Boland D, Payne T & Waite D

(2011) Kinetics of Coupled Fe(II)-Catalysed Ferrihydrite Transformation and U(VI) Reduction
Boland D, Collins R, Glover C, Payne T & Waite D

(2010) Is There a Link between Fe(III) Oxide Reactivity, Fe(II)-Catalysed Crystallisation and U(VI) Reduction?
Collins RN, Payne TE & Waite TD

(2010) The Inhibitory Effect of Silicate on the Fe(II)-catalysed Sequestration of U by Fe(III) Oxides
Boland D, Collins R, Payne T & Waite TD

(2010) Mineral Species Controlling the Solubility of Al in Acid Sulfate Soil Waters
Jones A, Collins R & Waite TD

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