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All abstracts by Daniel J. Condon in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2018) Reactive Transport Modelling of 87Sr/86Sr and δ234Ui Evolution in a CO2 Rich Aquifer: Constraint from Modern Fluids and Fossil Veins
Scott P, Maskell A, Bohlin M, Condon D, Sadekov A, Horstwood M, Sahy D, Chapman H, Kampman N & Bickle M

(2018) Uranium-Bearing, Oscillatory-Zoned Hematite: Assessing Closed System Behaviour for U-Pb Systematics
Courtney-Davies L, Ciobanu C, Cook N, Tapster S, Condon D, Kennedy A & Ehrig K

(2018) Tropical Climate Instability during the Early Permian Deglaciation
Yang J, Montañez IP, Cawood PA, Condon DJ, Du Y, Yan J-X, Yan S & Huang Y

(2015) Temporal Constraints on Magma Dynamics Resulting in Porphyry Copper Deposit Formation
Tapster S, Smith D, Naden J & Condon D

(2015) U-Th Age Constraints on Leakage Rate and Fluid-Rock Reaction at Green River (UT): An Analogue for CCS
Scott P, Kampman N, Condon D & Bickle M

(2014) Natural Analogues for Carbon Capture and Storage: U-Th Age Constraints on Fault Fluid Flow at Green River (UT)
Scott P, Kampman N, Condon D, Sahy D, Maskell A & Bickle M

(2014) Interlaboratory Calibration of Mass Spectrometric Methods Used for Pb-Pb Dating of Meteorites Under the Auspices of the EarlyTime Initiative
Connelly J & Condon D

(2013) Carbonates of the 2.0 Ga Zaonega Formation: REE and Sr Isotopic Indications of their Origin
Crne AE, Lepland A, Kamber BS, Melezhik VA, Prave AR, Fallick AE, Brasier AT & Condon DJ

(2013) A δ13C Record from Marine Carbonates Deposited Below Diamictites between ca. 2430 and 2440 Ma
Brasier A, Martin A, Melezhik V, Prave A, Condon D & Fallick A

(2013) Dating the Collapse of the Scandinavian Ice Sheet Using CH4-Derived Carbonate Crusts from the Barents Sea
Lepland A, Chand S, Sahy D, Noble SR, Condon DJ, Martma T, Pedersen JH, Sauer S, Brunstad H & Thorsnes T

(2013) U-Th Systematics and Chronology of of CH4-derived CaCO3 Crusts of the Barents Sea
Sahy D, Lepland A, Noble S, Condon D & Brunstad H

(2013) EARLYTIME: An Initiative to Evaluate and Improve U-Pb and Pb-Pb Dating of Meteorites
Connelly J, Amelin Y, Blackburn T & Condon D

(2013) Adopting a Combined U-Th-Pb Strategy to Date Speleothems >200 ka
Smith C, Richards D, Condon D, Horstwood M, Parrish R, Woodhead J & Ford D

(2013) In situ U-Pb Dating of Carbonate by LA-Icp-(MC)-MS and ID-TIMS
Parrish R, Horstwood M, Austin-Giddings W, Roberts N, Condon D & Rasbury T

(2012) The U-Th-Pb Allanite Petrochronometer: A Combined ID-TIMS and LA-ICP-MS Study
Smye A, Roberts N, Condon D, Horstwood M & Parrish R

(2012) Timing the Evolution of Seawater Chemistry during the Neoproterozoic: Case Study of the Svalbard Succession
Bonnand P, Parkinson I, Fairchild I, McMillan E, Condon D & Halverson G

(2011) Evaluating 238U/235U in U-Bearing Accessory Minerals: Implications for U-Pb Geochronology
Hiess J, Condon D, Noble S, Horstwood M, McLean N & Mattinson J

(2011) Synthetic ‘Age Solutions’, Reference Materials for U-Th Geochronology
Condon D, Henderson G, Richards D & Woodhead J

(2010) Rapid Formation and Exhumation of Eclogites in the Eastern Alps
Smye A, Bickle M, Holland T, Parrish R, Condon D, Horstwood M & Cottle J

(2010) An Early REE Fractionated Mantle?
Storey C, Hawkesworth C & Condon D

(2009) New Approaches to the Development and Growth of Hadean and Archaean Crust
Storey C, Hawkesworth C & Condon D

(2008) Synthetic U-Pb ‘standard’ Solutions for ID-TIMS Geochronology
Condon D, McLean N, Schoene B, Bowring S, Parrish R & Noble S

(2007) High-Precision U-Pb Zircon Geochronology: Progress and Potential
Bowring S, Crowley J, Ramezani J, McLean N, Condon D & Schoene B

(2006) EARTHTIME U-Pb Tracer For Community Use
Parrish R, Bowring S, Condon D, Schoene B, Crowley J & Ramezani J

(2006) Laser ablation acquisition protocols and non-matrix matched standardisation of U-Pb data
Horstwood M, Parrish R, Condon D & Pashley V

(2006) Constraining the timing of basal metazoan radiation using molecular biomarkers and U-Pb isotope dating
Love GD, Fike DA, Grosjean E, Stalvies C, Grotzinger J, Bradley AS, Bowring S, Condon D & Summons RE

(2005) Progress Report on the U-Pb Interlaboratory Experiment
Condon D

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