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All abstracts by Markus Ammann in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Imaging Single Aerosol Particles for Oxidation Chemistry and Reactive Species
Alpert PA, Corral Arroyo P, Kilchhofer K, Manoharan Y, Dou J, Krieger UK, Bjelic S, Salionov D, Dommen J, Herrmann H & Ammann M

(2023) Is There a Link between the Dissociation Degree of Nitric Acid Adsorbed to Ice Under Tropospheric Conditions and its Photolytic Activity at the Air-Ice Interface?
Manoharan Y, Longetti L, Artiglia L, Ammann M & Bartels-Rausch T

(2016) Organic Nitrate Contribution to New Particle Formation and Growth in Secondary Organic Aerosols from α-Pinene Ozonolysis
Berkemeier T, Ammann M, Mentel T, Pöschl U & Shiraiwa M

(2014) Influence of Physical State on Shikimic Acid Ozonolysis
Steimer S, Krieger U, Lampimäki M, Peter T & Ammann M

(2009) Photosensitized Aging of Succinic Acid Aerosol
Rouviere A, Decarlo P, Schlierf A, Favez O, D'Anna B, George C, Prevot A & Ammann M

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