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All abstracts by David Cooke in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Multidisciplinary Characterisation of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport in Legacy Mine Wastes, Endurance Mine, Northeast Tasmania
Miller CB, Cracknell MJ, Wilson O, Xuen Heng W, Fisher E, Roach M, Cooke D, Virtue R & Steyn C

(2020) Potential Use of Industrial Wastes in the Treatment of Mine Wastes: A Case Study of Legacy Mine Sites in Tasmania
Moyo A, Parbhakar-Fox A, Meffre S & Cooke D

(2018) Carbonate Fluorescence and Carbonate Stable Isotopes Footprint Around Ferrobamba Cu-Skarn, Southern Peru
Garay A, Andrew B, Cooke D & Barker S

(2017) Platinum-Group Element Geochemistry Used to Determine Cu and Au Fertility in the Northparkes Igneous Suites, Australia
Hao H, Campbell I, Park J-W & Cooke D

(2015) Laser Ablation Mass Spectrometry in Ore Deposit Research
Meffre S, Large R, Danyushevsky L, Cooke D & Gilbert S

(2013) Computer Modeling of Pb Apatites and their Potential for Reducing Pb Levels in Drinking Water
Cooke D & Hopwood J

(2013) Towards Understanding Magnetite Biomineralisation: The Effect of Short Chain Peptides on the {100} and {111} Magnetite Surfaces
Monnington A & Cooke D

(2013) Tectonic Evolution of the Cerro Casale Cu-Porphyry System, Chile: Implications for Mineralisation
Hollings P, Chen H & Cooke D

(2013) Magmatic-Hydrothermal Sutures and Clusters of Giant Porphyry Cu-(Au-Mo) Deposits
Cooke D & Piquer J

(2013) Development of Fertile Magma at El Teniente, Chile: Implications for Porphyry-Style Mineralisation
Baker M, Hollings P & Cooke D

(2011) Towards Modelling Biogenic Magnetite
Monnington A, Cooke D & Freeman C

(2009) The Influence of Ethanol Adsorption on the {10¯14} Calcite Surface
Sand K, Cooke D, Hassenkam T, Yang M, Makovicky E, Bechgaard K & Stipp S

(2009) Computer Modelling of the Interface between Alcohols and the (10.4) Calcite Surface
Gray R & Cooke D

(2009) Atomistic Simulation of the Crystallisation and Growth of Calcium Carbonate Nano-Particles
Cooke D & Elliott J

(2008) Characteristics and Zircon LA-ICP-MS U-Pb Ages of the A-Type Intrusive Rocks in Zongyang County, Anhui Province, East China
Fan Y, Zhou T, Yuan F & Cooke D

(2006) Tectonic triggers for giant porphyry and epithermal deposits of the circum-Pacific region
Cooke D, Hollings P & Walshe J

(2006) Sulfur isotopic zonation in the Cadia porphyry Au-Cu deposits, NSW
Cooke D, Wilson A, Harper B & Deyell C

(2006) Cracking the sulfate isotopic determination problem in ancient hydrothermal systems: a pilot assessment of the use of the carbonate-associated sulfate (CAS) method
Davidson G, Cooke D, Deyell C & Wilson A

(2006) Geochemistry of the Xiangquan Thallium Deposit, China
Zhou T & Cooke D

(2006) Four million years of thermal history - the Bajo de la Alumbrera porphyry Cu-Au deposit, Argentina
Harris A, Cooke D, Dunlap J, Reiners P, Allen C, White N & Campbell I

(2006) Modelling Structure and Transport at Mineral Interfaces at the Atomic Level
Parker S, Cooke D, Marmier A, Martin P, Spagnoli D, Sayle D & Watson G

(2005) Atomistic Simulation of the Mineral-Water Interface in Contact with Charged Surfaces
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2005) Non-Stoichiometric Mineral Surfaces: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Parker S, Cooke D, Kerisit S & Marmier A

(2004) Computer Modeling of the Free Energy of Adsorption at the Mineral – Aqueous Interface
Cooke D, Kerisit S & Parker S

(2004) Non-Stoichiometric Surfaces of Minerals: ab Initio Phase Diagrams
Cooke D, Kerisit S, Marmier A & Parker S

(2004) Geochemistry of Arsenic Rich Shallow Groundwaters in Cambodia
Polya D, Rowland H, Gault A, Diebe N, Jones J & Cooke D

(2003) Spatial and Temporal Relationships between Hydrothermal Alteration Assemblages at the Palinpinon Geothermal Field, Philippines
Rae A, Cooke D, Phillips D, Yeats C, Ryan C & Hermoso D

(2002) Magmatic Fluids Coexisting with Felsic Melts: An Example from Rio Blanco Rhyolite, Chile
Davidson P, Kamenetsky V, Hollings P, Cooke D & Frikken P

(2002) Segregation of Isovalent Impurities to the {00.1} and {01.2} Surfaces of Hematite (alpha-Fe2O3) Using Atomistic Simulations
Cooke DJ & Parker SC

(2001) Atomistic Simulation of Mineral Interfaces
Parker SC, Cooke DJ & de Leeuw NH

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