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All abstracts by Daisuke Araoka in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Spatial Distribution and Correlation Analysis of Heavy Metals Extracted from Borehole Core Samples Collected at Waste Rock Dumps of an Abandoned Mine
Nishikata M, Hashimoto Y, Yasutaka T, Matsumoto S, Oguri T, Kon Y & Araoka D

(2019) Hydrothermal Carbonate Chimneys from Afar Rift
Dekov V, Gueguen B, Okumura T, Bayon G, Yamanaka T, Mousa N, Yoshimura T, Kamenov G, Araoka D & Makita H

(2017) Geochemical Compositions and Provenance of Core Sediments from the Gulf of Thailand and East Coast of Malay Peninsula
Hossain HMZ, Kawahata H, Roser BP, Kamei A, Sampei Y, Araoka D, Kon Y & Suzuki A

(2016) Distribution and Concentration Process of Rare Earth Elements in Apatite of the Heavy REE-Rich Deep-Sea Mud from the Minami-Torishima Area, Southeastern Japan
Ejima T, Yoshiaki K, Hoshino M, Sanematsu K, Araoka D, Kawano S, Okamoto N, Yano O, Tanaka M & Takagi T

(2015) Lithium Isotopic Behavior during Water-Rock Interaction at High-Tempareture Deduced from Submarine Hydrothermal Systems
Araoka D, Nishio Y, Gamo T, Yamaoka K & Kawahata H

(2015) Determination of Major and Trace Elements in GSJ Geochemical Reference Samples Using Galvanometric LA-ICPMS
Kon Y, Araoka D, Ejima T, Yokoyama T & Hirata T

(2013) The Origin of Lithium in Playas in Nevada, USA: Constraints by Lithium Isotope Ratio
Araoka D, Kawahata H, Takagi T, Watanabe Y, Nishimura K & Nishio Y

(2012) Lithium Isotope Ratio of Samples Collected from Salt Lakes at Nevada, USA: Implication for Lithium Origin in Salt Lakes
Araoka D, Nishio Y, Takagi T, Watanabe Y & Kawahata H

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