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All abstracts by Kari M. Cooper in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2022) Experimental Investigation of the Storage Depth and Temperature of the Earthquake Flat Pyroclastics Magma Body (Okataina Volcanic Center, New Zealand)
Grant ERG, Blatter DL, Sisson TW & Cooper KM

(2022) Dating Young (100-350 ka) Gen Z Zircons: Development of a Dual ID-TIMS and ID-Mc-ICPMS U-230Th-Pb Zircon Analytical Technique and Data Reduction
Chan CF, McLean NM, Cooper KM, Vazquez JA & Burgess SD

(2015) Effect of Episodic Recharge on the Evolution of Upper Crustal Magma Chambers
Degruyter W, Huber C, Cooper K, Kent A & Bachmann O

(2015) Thermal Histories of Magma Storage and Implications for Magma Mixing
Cooper K, Kent A, Huber C, Rubin A, Schrecengost K, Degruyter W & Ruprecht P

(2014) Multi-Cave Stalagmite Records of Deglacial Climate in California
Montanez I, Oster J, Wong C, Santare L, Cooper K, Sharp W & Potter G

(2014) Speleothem Reconstruction of Last 1, 500 Years of Brazilian Climate
Wong C, Silva L, Montanez I, Cooper K & Horwath W

(2014) Residence Times of Eruptible Rhyolites at Yellowstone Caldera: Insights from Zircon and Sanidine
Stelten M, Cooper K, Vazquez J, Calvert A & Glessner J

(2014) Understanding Temporal and Spatial Geochemical and Isotopic Variations in a Large Silicic Volcanic Center, Taupo Volcanic Zone, NZ
Rubin A, Cooper K, Wimpenny J & Yin Q-Z

(2013) The Architecture of the Intermediate-Sized Quizapu Magma System
Ruprecht P, Bergantz G, Cooper K & Bachmann O

(2013) Thermal Histories from Crystal Records
Cooper K & Kent A

(2013) Magmatic Evolution at Yellowstone: The Role of Isotopically Juvenile Magma Inferred from Zircon Age, Trace-Element, and Hf Isotope Data
Stelten M, Cooper K, Vazquez J, Wimpenny J & Yin Q-Z

(2012) Compositional Heterogeneity within the Yellowstone Magma Reservoir: Insight from Zircon Age, Trace-Element, and Hf-Isotopic Analyses
Stelten M, Cooper K, Vazquez J, Wimpenny J, Barfod G & Yin Q-Z

(2012) Insights into Magmatic Processes from Combined Crystal Age and Compositional Data
Cooper K, Eppich G, Klemetti E, Ruprecht P & Stelten M

(2009) Time Scales of Magma Reservoir Processes from U-Series Dating of Crystals
Cooper K

(2008) Trace Element Variation in Young Igneous Zircon on the Micron Scale Suggests Shared Histories
Klemetti EW & Cooper KM

(2008) U-Th Age Constraints on Processes of Differentiation and Solidification in Carbonatite – Phonolite Associations
Schmitt A, Wörner G, Cooper K & Zou H

(2007) U-Series Crystal Ages of Plagioclase and Zircon from the 1300 CE Kaharoa Eruption, New Zealand
Klemetti E & Cooper K

(2007) 238U-230Th and 226Ra-230Th Crystal Ages at Volcán Quizapu: A Prime Location for Studying Magma Mixing Processes on Short Time Scales
Ruprecht P, Cooper K & Bergantz G

(2006) Crystal ages and timescales of magma reservoir processes
Cooper KM

(2005) Degassing and Crystallization Time-Scales Implied by <+>210<$>Po-<+>210<$>Pb-<+>226<$>Ra Activities for Lavas from Anatahan, Arenal, and Mount St. Helens
Reagan M, Tepley F, Gill J, Cooper K & Garrison J

(2005) A Mixed Message from U-Series Crystal Ages
Reid M & Cooper K

(2005) U-Series Crystal Ages in Mt St Helens Lavas, 2000 Ybp-2004 AD
Cooper K, Reid M, Donnelly C & Reagan M

(2004) Lithium Isotopic Composition of Altered Oceanic Crust at ODP Site 1256, Leg 206
Cooper K, Elliott T & Teagle D

(2002) Oxygen-Isotope Evidence for Altered Oceanic Crust in the Atlantic MORB Source
Cooper K, Eiler J & Asimow P

(2002) Effects of Rapid Crystallization on 226Ra-230Th Ages
Goldstein S, Cooper K, Reid M, Murrell M & Sims K

(2001) A Reassessment of 230Th-226Ra Dating of Minerals Based on in situ Ion Microprobe Analyses: Mount St. Helens
Cooper KM, Reid MR & Volpe AM

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