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All abstracts by Lauren Cooper in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2016) Petrologic and Chemical Diversity of New Apollo 17 2-4 mm Basaltic Regolith Fragments
Assis Fernandes V & Cooper L

(2013) Timescale and Petrogenesis of 2009 and Older W. Mata Boninite Magmas
Rubin K, Michael P, Gill J, Clague D, Plank T, Escrig S, Glancy S, Todd E, Cooper L, Keller N, Soule A, Hellebrand E, Kelley K, Cottrell L, Jenner F, Arculus R, Ruprecht P, Lupton J, Langmuir C & Embley R

(2012) Global Variations in H2O/Ce: Relationships to Arc Magma Geochemistry & Slab Surface Temperatures
Wallace P, Ruscitto D, Cooper L, Plank T, Syracuse E & Manning C

(2011) Distinguishing between Open and Closed System Magma Differentiation at Arc Volcanoes by Combining U-Series and Elemental Systematics
Cooper L, Reubi O, Dungan M, Bourdon B & Langmuir C

(2009) IRS Fluids Revisited
Plank T, Cooper L & Manning C

(2006) High water contents in Tonga arc magmas
Cooper L, Plank T & Arculus R

(2005) On the Enigmatic Basalts of the Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho
Reid M, Graham D, Cooper L & Lassak T

(2005) Pb Isotope Heterogeneity between Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions, Eastern Snake River Plain, Idaho
Cooper L, Reid M & Bryce J

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