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All abstracts by Carole Cordier in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) CSI Solar System: Clues from Chromites in Cosmic Dust
Van Maldeghem F, Soens B, Maeda R, van Ginneken M, Krämer Ruggiu L, Cordier C, Suttle M, Folco L, Yamaguchi A, Claeys P & Goderis S

(2020) Las Derrumbadas Volcano: Gas Geochemistry of Promising Geothermal Resources in Puebla, Mexico
Tual T, Gudbrandsson S, Muller E, Guilbaud M-N, Cordier C, Moreira M & Escaré L

(2014) Polynesia: A Weak and Disorganized Superplume
Chauvel C, Delavault H & Cordier C

(2013) How Kimberlites Form: Clues from Olivine Geochemistry
Sauzeat L, Cordier C & Arndt N

(2013) Mafic Lavas Constrain the Chemical Variability of the Society Plume
Cordier C, Chauvel C & Guillet M

(2007) Timescales of Melt Extraction from a Heterogeneous Mantle beneath the Central Indian Ridge at 19.2°S
Cordier C, Benoit M, Hémond C, Dyment J, Le Gall B & Briais A

(2005) A New Geochemical Approach to Model Periodically Replenished Magma Chambers: Application to the EPR Axis at 17-19°S
Cordier C, Rannou E & Caroff M

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