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All abstracts by Michael A. Cosca in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2017) Mid-Miocene Infiltration of Meteoric Water in the South Tibetan Detachment (Mt Everest, Himalaya)
Gébelin A, Jessup M, Teyssier C, Cosca MA, Law RD, Brunel M & Mulch A

(2015) Tracking the Timing of Subduction and Exhumation Using 40Ar/39Ar Phengite Ages in Blueschist and Eclogite Facies Rocks (Sivrihisar, Turkey)
Fornash KF, Cosca MA & Whitney DL

(2014) 40Ar/39Ar Age of Hornblende-Bearing R Chondrite LAP 04840
Righter K & Cosca M

(2013) Lawsonite Veins in Eclogite as an Archive of Subduction Zone Fluids from 45-80 km Depth (Sivrihisar, Turkey)
Fornash K, Cosca M & Whitney D

(2011) Petit Spot-Like Volcanoes Exposed in Costa Rica
Buchs D, Pilet S, Baumgartner P, Cosca M, Flores K & Bandini A

(2011) Evidence for Metasomatic Enrichment in the Oceanic Lithosphere and Implication for the Generation of Enriched Reservoirs
Pilet S, Buchs D, Cosca M, Flores K, Bandini A & Baumgartner P

(2009) Origin and Behaviour of Excess Argon in the Monte Mucrone Metagranitoïd, Sesia Zone, Italy, Western Alps
Darbellay B, Baumgartner L, Cosca M & Putlitz B

(2008) Older Hydrothermal Alteration in the Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming
Larson P, Phillips A, John D, Cosca M, Pritchard C, Andersen A & Manion J

(2007) Very High Exhumation Rates in the Central Swiss Alps, Revealed by the (U-Th)/He and Fission Track Analyses
Aramowicz A, Cosca M, Farley K, Seward D & Stöckli D

(2006) Recovering the timing of mylonitization from coupled 40Ar/39Ar and hydrogen isotope data
Cosca M, Mulch A, Teyssier C, Wells M & Chamberlain P

(2006) 40Ar/39Ar dating of Neogene pseudotachylytes
Maurel O, Cosca M & Ferré E

(2006) Argon loss in experimentally deformed muscovites
Bourgeix A-L, Cosca M, Stünitz H & Baumgartner L

(2006) A paleo-sismogenic Lepontine dome? New insights from pseudotachylytes-generating faults
Allanic C, Sue C, Burkhard M & Cosca M

(2005) UV-Laser Ablation <+>40<$>Ar/<+>39<$>Ar Geochronology of Tectonic Processes
Cosca M, Mulch A & Putlitz B

(2002) Negative δ18O Signatures in Morphologically Complex Zircons: Evidence for Proterozoic Cold-Climate Water/Rock Interaction in the Qinglongshan UHP Meta-Granite (Sulu Terrain, China)
Giorgis D, Rumble D & Cosca M

(2002) Stacking Fault-Enhanced Argon Diffusion in Naturally Deformed Muscovite
Kramar N, Kramar N, Cosca MA & Buffat P-A

(2002) In situ 40Ar/39Ar UV Laser Dating of Mylonitic Mica Fish: Cooling or Crystallisation Ages?
Mulch A, Cosca MA & Fiebig J

(2002) Smaller Means More: UV Laser Ablation 40Ar/39Ar Methods Require Detailed Sample Characterization
Cosca M, Giorgis D, Kramar N, Mulch A & Putlitz B

(2000) Correlated Argon and Oxygen Isotopes in UHP Eclogites from Qinglongshan (Sulu Terrain, China): Evidence for Inherited Argon
Giorgis D, Cosca M, Rumble D & Liou JG

(2000) The Influence of Metamorphic History on Intragrain Argon Isotope Variations in Metamorphic White Mica Mapped by in situ UV Laser Ablation 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology
Cosca M, Giorgis D, Janak M, Kramar N & Mulch A

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