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All abstracts by Ian A. Crawford in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2014) Age & Chemical Diversity of Basaltic Particles in the Apollo 12 Regolith
Joy KH, Burgess R, Ruzie L, Clay P, Snape JF, Alexander L & Crawford IA

(2009) Life in Subglacial Lavas as an Analogue for Life on Mars
Cousins C, Ward J, Crawford I, Towner M & Jones A

(2009) Microbial Life in Alkaline Environments on Earth and the Potential for Life on Other Planets
Hobday C, Crawford I, Jones A, Shields G & Ward J

(2009) Petrography and Chronology of Lunar Meteorite NWA 4472
Joy KH, Burgess R, Hinton R, Fernandes VA, Crawford IA, Kearsley A & Irving A

(2009) First Results from the C1XS X-Ray Spectrometer on Board Chandrayaan-1
Crawford I, Kellett B, Grande M, Maddison B, Howe C, Swinyard B, Sreekumar P, Narendranath S & Huovelin J

(2009) C1XS Data Calibration: X-Rays to Elements
Weider S, Kellett B, Howe C, Joy K, Swinyard B & Crawford I

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