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All abstracts by Thomas Darrah in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Beyond This Year’s MRI: New Thinking About Gadolinium Exposures and Pregnancy Biomarkers
Coyte RM, Swigris J, John O, Miller RK, Barrett E, O'Connor T & Darrah T

(2023) Advancing Methods for Contaminant-Source Attribution in Complex Aquifer Settings: Applications in the Northwestern Appalachian Basin, USA
Siegel HG, Nason SL, Soriano MA, Clark CJ, Johnson NP, Wulsin G, Deziel NC, Plata DL, Darrah T & Saiers JE

(2022) Multi-Isotope Geochemical Baseline Study of the CMC Research Institutes CCS Field Research Station (Alberta, Canada), Prior to CO2 Injection
Utley RE, Martin-Roberts E, Utting N, Johnson G, Gyore D, Zurakowska M, Stuart F, Boyce A, Darrah T, Gulliver P, Osadetz K, Lawton D, Haszeldine S & Gilfillan SMV

(2022) What can Lead Isotopes in Human Bones Tell us About Changing Exposure?
Coyte RM & Darrah T

(2022) Characterizing Oxidative Conditions of Contaminated Aquifers in the Mekong River Delta of Vietnam
Wulsin G, Coyte RM, Vengosh A & Darrah T

(2020) Constraining the Subsurface Geochemical Baseline of CMC Research Institutes’ Field Research Station (FRS), Alberta
Utley R, Utting N, Johnson G, Zurakowski M, Gyore D, Stuart F, Osadetz K, Darrah T, Haszeldine RS & Gilfillan S

(2018) Discrepancy of Organic Richness within the Oatka Creek and Union Springs of the Marcellus Formation
Koons R, Stebbins A, Williams J & Darrah T

(2018) Resolving Potential Sources of Volcanism in Southern Victorialand, Antarctica Using Noble Gases
Maletic E & Darrah T

(2018) Numerical Modeling of Methane Migration from Leaky Natural Gas Wells and in Geological Carbon Dioxide Storage
Moortgat J, Schwartz F, Darrah T & Cole D

(2018) Noble Gas Insights on Stable Carbon Isotope Reversals in Natural Gases
Whyte C, Moore M & Darrah T

(2018) Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Composition of Gas Hydrate Reservoirs in Green Canyon, Block GC955, Gulf of Mexico
Moore M, Cook A, Whyte C, Sawyer D, Scientists U-G-0 & Darrah T

(2018) Geochemical and Isotopic Evidence for Geogenic Molybdenum in Southeastern Wisconsin
Harkness J, Darrah T & Vengosh A

(2017) Heavy Noble Gases Help Distinguish Mantle and Lithospheric Contributions in Southwestern US Hot Springs
Whyte C, Crossey L, Karlstrom K & Darrah T

(2017) Integrating Hydrocarbon and Noble Gas Geochemistry to Determine Source and Timing of Natural Gas Formation in Coalbed Methane Reservoirs
Moore M, Vinson D, Whyte C & Darrah T

(2016) Geochemical Evidence for Fugitive Gas Contamination and Associted Water Quality Changes in Nearby Drinking-Water Wells
Darrah T, Jackson R, Muehlenbachs K, Poreda R, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2016) Acetate Biogeochemistry of Methanogenic Coal Beds and Shales
Vinson D, McIntosh J, Martini A, Darrah T, Kirk M, Akob D & Blair N

(2015) Integrating Noble Gas and Compound-Specific Stable Isotopes to Characterize the Generation and Migration of Oil-Associated Gases and H2S in the Eagle Ford Shale of Texas, USA
Harrington J, Muehlenbachs K, Whyte C, Williams J & Darrah T

(2015) Geochemical Characterization of West Virginia Groundwater in an Area Impacted by Hydraulic Fracturing
Harkness J, Warner N, Kern E, Darrah T, Jackson R & Vengosh A

(2015) Tiny Tracers Tell Old Tales: Noble Gases Delineate the Source and Transport Mechanisnm of Hydrocarbons in Shallow Aquifers
Darrah T, Jackson R, Poreda R, Warner N & Vengosh A

(2014) The Source and Migration of Natural Gas in Shallow Aquifers: Insights Provided by the Integration of Noble Gas and Hydrocarbon Isotopes
Darrah T, Jackson R, Vengosh A, Warner N & Poreda R

(2014) Rare Earth Elements as a Proxy for Redox Conditions in Black Shales?
Williams J, Darrah T, Johnannesson K, Stebbins A & Hannigan R

(2014) New Proxies to Trace the Environmental Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids
Warner N, Darrah T, Jackson R, Millot R, Kloppmann W & Vengosh A

(2014) Understanding the Trace Element Compositon of Modern Human Bone
Darrah T & Williams J

(2013) Gas Discharges for Continental Spain: Geochemical and Isotopic Features
Vaselli O, Nisi B, Tassi F, Darrah T, Bruno J, Elio J, Grandia F & Del Villar LP

(2012) Using Noble Geochemistry to Identify the Genetic Fingerprint of Natural and Fugitive Gases in the Marcellus Play of Northern Appalachian Basin
Darrah T, Warner N, Vengosh A, Jackson R & Poreda R

(2009) The Incorporation of Gd in Human Bone from Medical Contrast Imaging
Darrah T, Poreda R, Campbel E, Prutsman-Pfeiffer J & Hannigan R

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