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All abstracts by Louise Criscenti in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2019) Molecular Simulation of Geochemical Reactions in Subcritical Fractures
Criscenti L, Rimsza J & Jones R

(2018) Interfacial Chemistry Under Nanoconfinement
Criscenti L, Greathouse J, Ilgen A, Leung K, Harvey J, Ho T & Knight A

(2018) Molecular Modeling of Interaction between Kerogen and Pore Fluid
Ho T, Wang Y & Criscenti L

(2017) Molecular Modeling of Gas Adsorption and Release from Subsurface Porous Media
Criscenti L, Ho T, Greathouse J & Wang Y

(2012) Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metal Adsorption to Goethite
Criscenti LJ, Hart D & Kwon K

(2011) Electrolyte Adsorption to Goethite-Water Interfaces
Criscenti L & Hart D

(2010) Elucidating the Bimodal Acid-Base Behavior of the Water-Silica Interface from First Principles
Leung K, Nielsen I & Criscenti L

(2009) Alkaline Earth Metal Adsorption to Gibbsite as a Function of Temperature
Criscenti L, Katz L, Chen C-C & Larentzos J

(2008) Molecular Modelling of Metal Speciation in Aqueous Solution and at the Mineral Surface
Criscenti L, Allen H, Chen C-C, Katz L, Larentzos J & Xu M

(2001) Influence of Polymerization on Silicate Glass and Mineral Dissolution: Calculated Reaction Paths and Activation Energies Using ab Initio Methods
Criscenti LJ, Brantley SL & Kubicki JD

(2001) Role of Polymerization in the Dissolution of Nepheline, Jadeite, and Albite Glasses: Toward Better Models for Aluminosilicate Dissolution
Brantley SL, Hamilton J, Pantano CG, Criscenti L & Kubicki JD

(2001) Solid-State NMR Investigations of the Dissolution of Sodium Aluminosilicates Under Ambient Conditions
Tsomaia N, Mueller KT, Brantley SL, Hamilton J, Pantano CG, Criscenti L & Kubicki J

(2000) Speciation of Alkaline Earth Adsorption on the Surfaces of Oxide and Hydroxide Minerals in Salt Solutions
Sverjensky D & Criscenti L

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