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All abstracts by Mahesh Anand in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2021) The Volatile Inventory and Hydrogen Isotope Composition of Apatite in the Brachina Meteorite
Tartese R, Marrocchi Y, Piani L & Anand M

(2021) Water in the Crust: Implications for the Evolution of Mars
Barnes JJ, McCubbin F, Santos A, Day JMD, Boyce J, Schwenzer S, Ott U, Franchi I, Anand M & Agee C

(2019) Apatite: A Nanoscale Story-Teller of Lunar Geological History
Cernok A, Anand M, White L, Darling J, Whitehouse M, Fougerouse D, Rickard W, Reddy S, Saxey D, Quadir Z, Tait K & Franchi I

(2019) Ca Isotope Systematics of the Moon
Lewis J, Klaver M, Luu T-H, Hin R, Anand M, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2018) A Primitive Hydrogen Reservoir in the Lunar Interior?
Robinson KL, Nagashima K, Taylor GJ, Anand M & Kring DA

(2016) The Magmatic Evolution of the Moon as Recorded by Pb Isotopes
Snape J, Nemchin A, Bellucci J, Whitehouse M, Tartèse R, Barnes J, Anand M, Crawford I & Joy K

(2016) H-Isotopic Composition of Apatite in Northwest Africa 7034
McCubbin F, Barnes J, Santos A, Boyce J, Anand M, Franchi I & Agee C

(2015) Apatite as a Tool for Understanding the Volatile Contents of Late-Stage Lunar Magmas
Potts NJ, van Westrenen W, Tartese R, Franchi IA, Barnes JJ & Anand M

(2015) Using H and Cl Isotopes to Constrain Lunar Magmatic Processes
Barnes J, Tartèse R, Anand M, Neal C, McCubbin F & Franchi I

(2015) Investigation of Martian Surface History: NanoSIMS Analyses of D/H Ratios and U-Pb Chronology of Martian Meteorites
Koike M, Sano Y, Takahata N, Ishida A, Sugiura N & Anand M

(2014) Iron Isotopes on Mars Linked to the Formation of the Terrestrial Planets
Nebel O, Sossi P, Anand M & Poitrasson F

(2013) NanoSIMS Pb/Pb Dating of Tranquillityite in Lunar Basalts
Tartese R, Anand M & Delhaye T

(2013) The Stable Chromium Isotopic Composition of Lunar Basalts
Bonnand P, Parkinson I & Anand M

(2013) A Common Origin for Terrestrial and Lunar Indigeneous Water
Anand M, Tartèse R, Barnes J, Franchi I & Starkey N

(2009) Silicon Isotope Variations in the Earth and Meteorites
Zambardi T, Poitrasson F, Quitte G & Anand M

(2007) Fe Isotopic Composition of Inner Solar System Materials: The fit of Martian Basalts and Minerals
Anand M, Poitrasson F & Grady M

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