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All abstracts by Alkiviadis Gourgiotis in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) The Use of Stable Lead Isotopes for the Identification of the Sources and Transport Processes Leading to the Release of Radioactive Contaminants Downstream of Former Uranium Mine Sites
Geng T, Peron O, Mangeret A, Le Coz M, David K, Del Nero M, Montavon G & Gourgiotis A

(2021) Controls of Climate and Organic Matter on Uranium Fluxes to Lake Sediments over the Holocene
Lefebvre P, Sabatier P, Mangeret A, Gourgiotis A, Le Pape P, Develle A-L, Louvat P, Diez O, Reyss J-L, Gaillardet J, Cazala C & Morin G

(2021) Evolution of Noncrystalline Uranium in Lake Sediments over 3, 300 Years
Lefebvre P, Gourgiotis A, Mangeret A, Sabatier P, Le Pape P, Diez O, Louvat P, Menguy N, Merrot P, Baya C, Zebracki M, Blanchart P, Malet E, Jézéquel D, Reyss J-L, Bargar J, Gaillardet J, Cazala C & Morin G

(2017) Alteration of Basaltic Glass in Residual Rate Condition: Analogy with Nuclear Glass
Ducasse T, Jollivet P, Frugier P, Gourgiotis A & Gin S

(2016) Measurement of Free Radium and Thallium with Donnan Membrane Technique: Application to Complexation Study with Dissolved Organic Matter
Martin L, Simonucci C, Viollier E, Lascar E, Tharaud M, Courbet C, Gourgiotis A, Rad S & Benedetti M

(2012) Coupling between Separative Techniques and ICPMS for Lanthanides Separation and On-Line Isotope Ratio Measurements
Isnard H, Gourgiotis A, Mialle S, Bourgeois M, Vio L, Nonell A & Chartier F

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