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All abstracts by Enzo Curti in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) Towards Digital Twin of Carbonate Precipitation Experiments: An Integrated Physics-Based Machine-Learning Framework for Modeling of Reactive Transport Processes
Peng H, Rajyaguru A, Mokos A, Curti E, Grolimund D, Churakov SV & Prasianakis N

(2023) Application of a Novel Miniaturized Counter Diffusion Cell for Deriving Time and Space-Resolved Dynamics of CaCO3 Precipitation in Silica Gel via Coupled micro-Xrf/XRD and SAXS
Rajyaguru A, Curti E, Appel C, Ferreira Sanchez D, Meyer B & Grolimund D

(2022) Preferential Crystallization in Larger Pores: Myth or Reality
Poonoosamy J, Curti E, Deissmann G & Bosbach D

(2021) Unravelling (Ba, Sr)SO4 Oscillatory Zoning: A Lab-on-A-Chip Approach Integrating in situ Characterisation and Reactive Transport Modelling Diagnostics
Poonoosamy J, Mahrous M, Curti E, Bosbach D, Churakov SV, Deissmann G, Geisler T & Prasianakis NI

(2019) Approaches for Porosity & Permeability Initialization in Continuum-Scale Reactive Transport Simulations
Mahrous M, Sultan A, Liao Q, Prasianakis N, Curti E & Churakov S

(2019) A Microfluidic Experiment and Pore Scale Modelling for Assessing Mineral Precipitation and Dissolution in Confined Spaces
Poonoosamy J, Deissmann G, Mahrous M, Curti E, Churakov S, Klinkenberg M, Bosbach D & Prasianakis N

(2017) A XAS Study of Baryte Nucleation: Implications on Radium Mobility
Curti E, Prasianakis N, Xto J, Borca C & Huthwelker T

(2015) Reactive Transport of Redox-Sensitive Selenium in Geological Media: New Insights from an Inside View
Grolimund D, Frasca B, Leupin OX, Savoye S, Winkel LHE, Curti E, Michelot J-L & Wittebroodt C

(2012) Partial-Equilibrium Concepts to Model Trace Element Uptake
Kulik D, Thien B & Curti E

(2012) Adding Uptake Kinetics and Surface Entrapment to Geochemical Models
Thien B, Kulik DA & Curti E

(2009) Reductive Sorption of Se(IV, VI) onto Pyrite: A µ-XRF/XAS Study
Kitamura A, Curti E & Aimoz L

(2004) Solid Solutions of Trace Eu(III) in Calcite: A Thermodynamic Study
Curti E, Kulik D & Tits J

(2004) Retrieval of Stoichiometry and Stability of Solid-Solution End Members by “Dual-Thermodynamic” Calculations
Kulik D, Curti E & Tits J

(2002) Solubility of Ra in a Radioactive Repository Environment
Curti E & Berner UR

(2002) The Nagra/PSI Chemical Thermodynamic Data Base
Thoenen T, Berner U, Curti E, Hummel W & Pearson J

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