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All abstracts by Ellery Ingall in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2020) Relationship between Atmospheric Aerosol Mineral Surface Area and Iron Solubility
Ingall E, McDaniel MF, Morton P, Castorina E, Weber R, Shelley R, Landing W, Longo A, Feng Y & Lai B

(2020) Metal Uptake and Sequestration within Southern Ocean Diatom Frustules: A Significant Sink for Iron and Zinc
Castorina E, Ingall E, Morton P, Brewer L, McDaniel MF & Lai B

(2017) Composition of Dissolved Organic Phosphorus Produced by Marine Phytoplankton
Ingall E, Saad E & Chambers L

(2014) Nano-Scale Elemental Imaging of Microbes and Minerals from Deep Sea Methane Seeps
Glass J, McGlynn S, Chadwick G, Dawson K, Chen S, Vogt S, Lai B, Deng J, Ingall E, Twining B & Orphan V

(2012) X-Ray Spectromicroscopy: Illuminating the Biogeochemical Cycles of Elements in the Marine Environment
Brandes J, Ingall E & Diaz J

(2006) Nanoscale Geochemistry of Phosphorus Within Marine Sediments
Brandes J, Ingall E, Paterson D & De Jonge M

(2005) Effect of Bottom Water Oxygen on Phosphorus Composition and Diagenesis in Marine Sediments
Ingall E & Sannigrahi P

(2005) Denitrification Pathways and Rates in the Sandy Sediments of the Georgia Continental Shelf
Vance-Harris C & Ingall E

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