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All abstracts by Tu-Han Luu in conference series: Goldschmidt

(2023) High Precision 142Nd Isotope Measurements Using a Nu TIMS
Israel C, Chauvel C, Luu T-H, Inglis E & Roberts DJ

(2023) Towards an Improved Traceability of W-Isotope Variations in Oceanic Basalts: A Nu Analytical Approach Using N-TIMS
Maltese A, Israel C, Gutierrez P, Luu T-H, Roberts DJ & Chauvel C

(2023) Cadmium Isotope Composition of the Earth’s Mantle Derived from Mid-Oceanic Ridge Basalts and Komatiites
Devos G, Moynier F, Creech J, Liu D, Luu T-H, Rigoussen D, Puchtel IS & Bizzarro M

(2023) Copper Isotope Compositions Measured Using the Collision/Reaction Cell (CRC)-MC-ICP-MS Sapphire
Luu T-H, Peters D, Gérard Y, Lahoud-Heilbronner E & Moynier F

(2022) Geochemistry of the New Submarine Volcano Next to Mayotte (Comoros Archipelago)
Chauvel C, Inglis E, Gutierrez P, Luu T-H, Bürckel P & Besson P

(2021) Going in the Udder Direction: Trophic Spacing, Mobility and Weaning Assessed Through Stable Ca and Sr Isotopes in Cattle
Lewis J, Luu T-H, Bevan D, Kendall IP, Lee MRF, Evershed RP & Elliott T

(2021) Geochemical Characterization of the New 2018-2019 Mayotte Submarine
Inglis E, Gutierrez P, Luu T-H, Burkel P, Besson P & Chauvel C

(2021) High-Precision Sr and Nd Isotope Measurements Using a Nu TIMS
Luu T-H, Inglis E, Gutierrez P, Roberts DJ & Chauvel C

(2021) High-Precision W Isotope Measurements Using a Nu TIMS
Roberts DJ, Luu T-H, Inglis E, Gutierrez P & Chauvel C

(2021) The Proteus Perspective: New Capabilities of Mass-Filter, Collision Cell, Multi-Collector Inductively- Coupled Mass-Spectrometry (CC-Mc-ICPMS/MS)
Elliott T, Bevan D, Coath CD, Lewis J, Shaw KMM, Luu T-H, Craig G, Lloyd N, Pfeifer M, Wehrs H & Schwieters J

(2019) High Precision Ca Isotope Measurements by Collision Cell MC-ICPMS
Luu T-H, Lewis J, Coath C & Elliott T

(2019) Ca Isotope Systematics of the Moon
Lewis J, Klaver M, Luu T-H, Hin R, Anand M, Schwieters J & Elliott T

(2017) Timing of the Bulk Chemical Fractionation of Planetary Bodies
Luu T-H, Hin RC, Coath CD & Elliott T

(2012) Isotopic Fractionation between Cr3+ Species in Aqueous Solutions
Birck JL, Luu T-H & Jourdain R

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